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User Info: NaCl-

8 years ago#1
Are you a believer or not? - Results (132 votes)
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I believe that interview WAS done using the FOX Engine. Here is MY reason why. If the LA Noire facial tech could be achieved with limited amount of resources and ram on the PS3, then why couldn't something be done like that "Joakim" interview on the PS4 with the amount of ram and power the PS4 has?

Anybody remember this?


Kojima DID say they're shooting for realism and this IS next gen we're talking about.

I believe that Ground Zeros trailer that was shown was running of the PS3 as Kojima has stated. That shows us what the FOX Engine is capable of on PS3. The "Joakim" interview is a tech demo of what the FOX Engine is capable of on the PS4!

The reason why Joakim was surprise at the end of the video is because that interview IS THE FOX ENGINE RUNNING ON PS4 hardware!

Are you a believer or not?
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User Info: sinncross

8 years ago#3
i havent bothered to watch the interview which proves how little i care if its the engine or if its real.

just make a good game Kojima... been way too long.

User Info: NaCl-

8 years ago#4
Yeah, I can't wait for his presentation next week! Here's the video for those who missed it:


Their necks pretty much tells me that this interview was done with the FOX Engine. And Geoff's hair doesn't quite look right.

Anyway at the end of the video:

Geoff: I noticed the FOX Engine logo in the corner so this game is running on the FOX Engine?

Joakim's response: !

User Info: jimistixx

8 years ago#5
As someone who has set up, lit, and shot hundreds of these little crappy hotel room interviews, I can say with nearly 100% certainty that the interview was NOT cg. It was a standard, poorly lit, DV cam interview.

The reason why Geoff's neck isn't "rendered right" is because many men in television only put makeup on their face, not their neck.

User Info: NaCl-

8 years ago#6
But their necks are not a different tone really. It's more like how LA Noire was. Faces were photo realistic, but you could tell something wasn't quite right at the neck. That's what my eye spots in this Joakim video. Also something looks odd about Geoff's hair.

We'll see next week I guess. Since you think you're 100% certain that it is NOT the Fox Engine at work, I'm going to call you out if that interview turns out to be a tech demo for the Fox Engine.


The Fox Engine seems to scan rooms/objects on the fly and spit them out in real time with ease. Taken form the gamespot article:

"The concept of the Fox Engine is photorealism." Kojima said. "The age of fixating on pictures and sound in games is over. Now the questions are: How free is it? Does it connect to the internet and is the gameplay smooth? Even so, a certain level of realistic atmosphere is required."

What caught my attention is this: "The age of fixating on pictures and sound in games is over".

User Info: Succulent_Farts

8 years ago#7
Photo Realism is one thing, but emulating mannerisms is another, and the mannerisms of Joakim were way too realistic to be CG.

User Info: jimistixx

8 years ago#8
If that's what gets you off, you are more than welcome to call me out.

In fact, I will happily make a topic and publicly admit I was wrong. Whatever ya want. I'm definitely not afraid to admit to my mistakes when I make them.

Notice I'm not insulting you for thinking it's cg. I'm anxious to see what the FOX engine has in store, but nothing they have ever shown in motion (or any company on earth, for that matter), approaches the realism it would take to pull off an interview like that.

That, and the crappy red gel that the camera guy used on the light for Geoff's background. It looks bad. Cg guys would've made it look better. It looks like what you do when you've scored an interview in a hotel room while on location at SXSW.

The Mogren guy's background looks a lot better because had had an awesome, printed up background specifically made for interviews, kind of like what you see at movie premier press events.

I wish tech was that good, it would benefit all gaming, not just Kojima's company.

But yeah, if I am wrong, call me out or pm me & I'll surely admit my failure.

User Info: jimistixx

8 years ago#9
Succulent_Farts posted...
Photo Realism is one thing, but emulating mannerisms is another, and the mannerisms of Joakim were way too realistic to be CG.

Most definitely.

User Info: L4YER_CAKE

8 years ago#10
Wait wait wait, are people thinking the whole interview was on the fox engine now? That's ridiculous! Though it's pretty unlikely that any of it was cg, if any part of it was, it would just be Joakim. The fact that he was a floating head in bandages, that he and geoff were never in the same frame together, all of that contributes to lending credence to that theory.

However there is simply no way in hell that the entire interview was done on that fox engine, even if you forget the leaked photos of Joakim. There's wanting to believe because it's a fun ride, then there's full on delusion. I like ignoring my better judgement and allowing myself to believe that maybe, just maybe Joakim is a product of the fox engine, but I couldn't delude myself to believe the whole thing was.
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