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User Info: Ixbran

5 years ago#1

x D

Its Hilarious!

User Info: Orcinus_Tooth

5 years ago#2
So it is a real interview. When I first saw the name of your link, I thought you were trolling haha.

Edit: I'm currently listening to this and it's hilarious.
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User Info: jjbigpoppa

5 years ago#3
Can't listen to it -.-
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User Info: NeoAnduril

5 years ago#4
sadly not working.

User Info: Ixbran

5 years ago#5
Someone on the KW Forums noticed that this was happening to so many, yet working for a few. and went to look to see what was wrong.

apparently too many people are trying to play it at once, causing it to not work for others. give it time, it should start working for you guys eventually.

User Info: jjbigpoppa

5 years ago#6
*hopelessly tries to play*...........*it works*


"Sima Zhao, an army is coming our way"


Me: *Dead* I'm done with life XD
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User Info: Goul111

5 years ago#7
You sure it's because too many people are using the same link? I still can't access it.
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User Info: Ixbran

5 years ago#8
sadly it seems its been taken down, and its only now available for purchase on I-tunes. I had asked the guy who posted it if he'd be putting it on youtube, and he said that it "will never be on youtube, but you can buy it off I-tunes if ya wanna hear it again."

And apparently Kaiji loved his job. he loves being a voice actor and he gets tattoos of all of his favorite jobs put somewhere on his body. The back of his right hand even has the Sima family crest on it, to symbolize how much he loves voicing Sima Zhao. He also does Kenshiro from the first FOTNS game as well as Jann Lee in DoA5. Both having gotten tats somewhere on Kaiji's body.

Hes also an avid gamer, and always makes sure to buy and play the games he does voices for. during the podcast its mentioned that Kaiji loves fighting games, and really likes the idea of a DW Guest character in a DoA game, or even Koei making another DW-fighting game like the very first title. Hes been a fan of the DW series since he was younger, and never thought while growing up he'd ever get a spot doing a DW character. He considers voicing Sima Zhao as his ultimate dream job.

He also keeps in contact with some of the other DW Voice actors, and during the development of DW7E and WO3 a lot of them were worried that Koei was going to stick with JP-Only voices for the rest of the series. They were upset at the thought of not returning to do characters they love to do.

He loves this series and wants to continue being part of it.

User Info: Ryosagi

5 years ago#9
Thanks for the info. Hope Koei isn't going to stay on the cheap route for too long and spread it around their other game series.
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User Info: Ixbran

5 years ago#10

someone downloaded the interview and posted it to a download site. so y'all can listen now if you want.
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