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User Info: behindtheword

5 years ago#1
It's time to dig in a little. Time to get real. Sure, this looks pretty bad. SE finally addressed Dragon Quest VII on 3DS, and in a way that is discouraging to players...or is it?

I think it's not, I believe this is the time to really push if any, because if the company is willing to directly address it, that means they're very seriously considering it. Whatever has happened since the days Aeana posted about her insider sources saying it's coming and being localized back in 2013, and corroborating sources from others with insider info, the Nintendo Twitter post, and this current press release is open to speculation. However we shouldn't speculate, we should dig in, now's our chance to push through. Now is the chance, if any, to perhaps move SE over to the step where they agree, even with minimal profits, they would still make profit, and still continue on the Dragon Quest franchise in a way that benefits themselves, as it keeps core fans happy and more willing to stick with the company.

So, we have Operation Hero:


There was the old Operation Edenverse (site was taken down):


However I think we need to expand concepts and take this to a new level. I hope OpHero guys are paying attention and chime in as well.

We need something bigger. I thought maybe I would take a sideline in this, but it seems I shouldn't. We want DQ7. With DQ7 the chance for DQ10 arriving sooner increases dramatically.

So first order of business. We need 3 things.

1) Video's...more and more videos. The current string of people talking about Dragon Quest is fine, but they're boring, and very very wordy. We need something more clean, clear, concise, and gets straight to the point.

So we need two types of videos:

A) Explanatory videos to introduce people to DQ7 and explain WHY it is awesome to them. Going over the gameplay of the original, and the changes of the remake. Maybe touch on Dragon Quest as a whole, and the progression of it, and why sticking to its roots is good, especially in light of all the "innovative" games of today...sometimes you want a bowl of vanilla after a week of pralines and cream. Maybe a Grilled Cheese sandwich, that simple bliss, when all you've been eating are complex culinary creations. Make the point that sometimes the soul craves something simple and easy to digest that reminds you of the fun of being a kid again!

B) Creative videos that abuse that oh-so-awesome artistic license of using cut+paste from other mass media. Maybe take clips from Godzilla, and cut out the big monster and place in DQ7. Maybe clips from the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters, something that catches the hearts and minds of parents and the middle generation X and Y of today. Where maybe one you have the Marshmellow man summoned, angry, then stops and freezes as he sees...in shiny golden light, DQ7's logo, queue in the love music, and some links to videos discussing DQ7. Stuff like that.

Even music videos of playing DQ7 songs, singing about Dragon Quest always works. Gets attention.

2) Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc. posts talking about DQ7, referencing DQ7 twitter feeds, videos, discourse, news. Not too much, people get bored, but a few here and there. Clever posts work best, and get more attention.

Something like: Beaten down the demon lord yet? Like slaying monsters...DQ7 calls #DragonQuestVII

Maybe make a play on the awesomeness of Gabo: So you think you're a wild animal? Gabo says fudge it. #GotGabo #DragonQuestVII

3) Letters on youtube/email/standard mail.
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User Info: behindtheword

5 years ago#2

Letters should be respectful, well written.

Two kinds always.

A) Personal letters to Square Enix, maybe Nintendo, maybe Dragon Quest's creators, sent through any means: youtube accounts, facebook accounts, email accounts, or through the mail, and to any and all offices local (US/PAL) or the head offices (clearly if to Bird Studio or Armor Project, there is only a Japan office).

These personal letters should discuss why you love the series and want the game. Being specific is best, and any experiences also help. Companies may be informal, but they are made of people, and people are capable of being moved, especially if they feel a product they created has a real impact on the lives of others. Don't lie though or exaggerate, that can be read into and doesn't help. Just write what comes to mind and what you feel you need to or want to.

B> Formal business letters to Square Enix corporate and perhaps Nintendo. This can be done as part of a widespread letter writing campaign, where a basic format is created and everyone copy-pastes, or can be done independently. Always short, curt, to the point, respectful, and indicating a personal desire to shower money at SE on DQ7's release.

The more letters, the more exposure, if they start talking about this more often, or media starts discussing this more often, the greater the chance we'll see the game, and the more likely the chance you'll find people who weren't familiar with Dragon Quest, or who are but weren't aware of the OperationHero campaign will sign on and perhaps sight the petition and participate in letter campaigns.

One last thing. Connecting videos and facebook/twitter posts with one another. Links especially between youtube videos, creates a nice string that grants people more access to more information.

This might never work, but I think we now have a serious chance.

I'll write up a formal letter concept in a bit. For now I have stuff to take care of.
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User Info: behindtheword

5 years ago#3
I'm going to add in a fourth.

4) Image making.

I like the concepts of Gabo vs Mog and Hobo-Link/Arus versus Link.

Picture this. Take the old Mog campaign for FF6. Put in Mog overwhelmed by DQ baddies from DQ7...heck use the PSX...next frame, you see all the DQ baddies are ashes and Mog is lifting his head up, going "Kupo" as just below him, smiling that smirk, with a peace sign is Gabo: caption "Got Gabo"

Take Link and Arus, make fun of the Nintendon't commercials. Link-don't do what Hobo-Link does. Start with the concept of the nameless hero that looks like Link. Caption at the top says "Who is this nameless Hero." Have Link at the bottom go..."huuuuuh" since he never speaks. With Hobo-Link doing a Gigaslash on a monster. You really want a dude that twirls his blade like a sissy in tights no less, or a kid that mashes a monster with...Gigaslash! Yeah, I thought so...so did Link.

Anyway, back with that more official letter concept later. I just thought of the above two concepts and if anyone wants to take them and run with them, please do. HoboLink makes for a great hashtag too, catchy one, an attention getter, and since both favour swords...it helps drive home that funny comparison. Hobo Link does what Link don't. Had to get this down before I forgot it.
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User Info: behindtheword

5 years ago#4
Alright, a formal letter/email to Square Enix for a mail bomb campaign.

Basic premise is to write in your name in the blank underlined areas. Keep it the same so it's a proper formal letter. Then send it via email or through the mail in an envelope.

Email addresses

Square Enix's CEO for US and EU operations:

Square Enix USA physical address (NA headquarters):
Square Enix, Inc.
999 N. Sepulveda Blvd., 3rd Floor
El Segundo, CA 90245.

Square Enix British physical address (EU headquarters):
Wimbledon Bridge House
1 Hartfield Road, London SW19 3RU

Square Enix USA support (NA support as well):

Square Enix Facebook:

Square Enix Members/General/EU Youtube: <<-click on the "Send Message" button, the other useful thing about these pages are the direct easy links to other media contact outlets like Twitter

I can't find any contact links for Horii/Tori/Sugi. Their twitter/facebook are either fake or another person with the same name.

Here's a list of various contact info for Nintendo, for those who wish to try that route:

Letter format help: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/653/01/

An actual basic letter/email to Square Enix. I bolded out parts that you place in yourself:


Square Enix
Address (as per above...if writing to EU, email or letter, use the British address, if to NA offices, use the US address)

Dear Square Enix,

It has come to my attention that Dragon Quest VII for the 3DS has been postponed due to potential fears of cost versus sales potential. I, Full Name, wish to alleviate this fear by pledging my support of Dragon Quest VII and assuring your company that I will purchase Dragon Quest VII for 3DS when it becomes available in Country or Territory (in my case I would write "the United States" or "US/NTSC").

I wish to further pledge my continued support for the game series I so enjoy playing, Dragon Quest. Please release Dragon Quest VII in the Country or Territory (in my case I'd probably write "United States".

Thank you for your consideration,
Full Name

Since they've removed their ENTIRE corporate email listing for every element of the company that I can find on their site:


For this form, please write in your email address, your real name, "Dragon Quest VII 3DS" in the Subject, and in the text body:

I, (first name goes here) (last name goes here), have recently read that Dragon Quest VII for the Nintendo 3DS is still in question for a localization outside of Japan. That your company is unaware of whether it would be successful enough to warrant a localization.

I am writing this to pledge my direct support to purchase the game when it is released on (area that would release where you would buy it...so PAL/EU or NTSC/US would work) soil. I love the DQ series and will continue to support more releases.

Thank you for your consideration,
(first name goes here) (last name goes here)
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User Info: PhantomDragon

5 years ago#5
Once im home tomorrow ill send an email for sure. Thanx for getting this ball rolling. :)

Love the Gabo godliness ! Lol
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User Info: mhollan3

5 years ago#6
I'm gonna bump this for 'ya.
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User Info: Charmander75

5 years ago#7
I would also send letters to Nintendo also .
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User Info: darkphoenix3001

5 years ago#8
I'm about to go to bed. I'll send off some emails in the morning. I did send a tweet to SE earlier this evening about this.
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User Info: XRay2984

5 years ago#9
I'm going to tweet at them later, maybe some emails would be a good thing, too.
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User Info: Shido

5 years ago#10
You got my support. There's not much that I can do at the moment. No computer access I have to use my phone. Which sucks... my phone that is.
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