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User Info: PhantomMaster18

3 years ago#1
I am very, VERY salty with what happened recently.

I finally got past both Luna and Sol, and all I had to do was take out the Demon copies. Easy right? Nope, it's extremely painful to watch as TWO Astro copies constantly heal a Hermes clone as my party's HP slowly whittles down until I'm dead. I used up ALL of my Poinee dolls and I still couldn't kill them.

And now here I am, now asking for help with this party.

Level 36 Gazer
Demon Slayer, Elder Mattock+2
Armor: Majestic Helm+20 and Mail, Angel Undies+13, Dragon Scale +1
Artifacts used: Divine Body, Dual Wield, Hunter's Eye, Killer Edge

Level 36 Paladin Dwarf
Enhanced Sword+25, Aegis Mirror
Armor: Shinobi Helm+1, King Rode +29, Lorna's Undies+1, Star Ankh
Artifacts used: None

Level 36 Samurai Ney
Masamune+5, Gishi's Wakizashi+4
Armor: Shinobi Helm+1 and Armor, Wuality Undies, Samurai Sash+1
Artifacts Used: Shadow Step, Counter, Holy Guard

Level 35 Wizard Elf
Weapons: Legendary Rod +1, Evil Shield Book+2
Armor: King Crown, Big Spirit Robe+2, Angel Undies, King's Ring
Artifacts Used: Mana Heal 1 and 2

Level 35 Healer Migmy
Weapons: Spirit Staff+3, Evil Shield Book+18
Armor: Saint Cap+28, Holy Robe, Angel Undies, Holy Ankh
Artifacts used: None

Please, help.
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User Info: AbsoluteZero666

3 years ago#2
Try buffing your avoid to 99 on your Samurai and use Carnage EX. Combine that with Divine Armor to reduce the damage taken, and with Chronos' Wall to further reduce the damage. It's a long setup, but it should kill one target for sure. Though by 80 or so evade, you should be fine. You can check out how well you're doing by using regular Carnage to see how risky it'd be to use EX, while setup-ing.

I'm assuming that you're already using Divine Weapon and are capable of maintaining your party buffs.

For healing, use Neptune's shower, or your Healer as you probably already are doing. You should consider boosting the Aegis Shield for added tankiness if your Paladin takes too much damage while shielding most attacks with Devotion.

Not sure what your Gazer is doing, but if you feel he doesn't contribute, then put him on item duty, I suppose.

If you can, try getting the Artifacts for High Multi Cure and Multi-Hit/Multi-Avoid on your Wizard. Double duty will help you start the fight faster, and should allow you to recover from mistakes more easily.

Essentially, try to augment your party stability and go for big strikes after their heals if you can't out-damage them.

If all else fails, try getting some better weapons/armor.
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