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User Info: backguard222

2 years ago#1
Not sure how many people are still playing this but I thought I would share my experience getting the cursed swords. Maybe this will help someone avoid the 6+ hour grind I went through.

First, I got the regular muramase very weirdly. Randomly used 1 nameless 1 gold and 1 increase 1. That must be am outlier.

The big muramase was a much more drawn out process of 1 nameless or katana 2 gold and 1 increase 2. Reset and repeat.

Ultimately this is what worked. (Thank you to the perso who suggested a similar model.)

Try to have 3 increase 2 and 6 gold. The more the better because you can save lots of time running three bosses per reset vs 1. Gold gems drop from many bosses and increase 2 I believe from aries. Also the item shop has 2 or 3 for sale.

First, clear out the enemies between the last save point and the final teleporter. Then go back and save. You now have a clear path for each reset until you go back to the inn.

Your are first trying to obtain any missing items. This will reduce the size of the loot table for nameless gems.
To do this you are mixing finding out what you are missing with grinding for the missing items.

You can find out what you are missing with a nameless gold gold increase 2. Then reset and aim specifically for those items using that type of gem. Preferably adding gold if you can to increase chances. You can also make runs with random gems just hoping to get something you haven't found yet to save gold gems. When you have a good run collecting new items, return and save. Store all star items

Go back and keep doing the same thing. Hopefully you will get the muramase on a nameless/increase run. If not you will be increasing your odds by reducing the nameless gem drop table.

This is what I did. Went from nameless gold gold increase 2 runs and resets with no results to drop after about an hour. Just had to be systematic about it.

Anyways I hope this helps someone out. Not the be all end all method but it worked for me and made sense.

Good luck gazers!
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User Info: terran3999999

2 years ago#2
Nitpick: The weapons' name are Muramasa. I know you didn't mean any harm but you could confuse newer players by misspelling a weapon's name.

Oddly enough my experience was the opposite, I was extremely lucky and managed to nap the Big Muramasa and even with my grinding and whatnot, it took a long time for me to get the regular Muramasa. I think there's just some element of the dreaded RNG at work but taking only 6 hours is very impressive compared to some of the horror stories I heard of other unfortunate players trying for days or even weeks.

Yes, Dark Aries gives a guaranteed drop of an Increase +2 Gem.
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