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User Info: XyujuQz099

1 year ago#1
So far only the 5 mainline games got multiple enhanced ports.

Not sure if DD2 counts as spin-off. Poor game just getting snubbed out.
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User Info: Kudou187

1 year ago#2
Yes, it's a crying shame this is still the only version of this game that exists. (PS Now doesn't count). Here's hoping for a Switch port before they go out of business.

User Info: Edge_of_Ada

1 year ago#3
I really hope so too, on PSNOW I don't believe you can get the DLC either.

I played till post game... then PSnow lost my saved data lol.
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User Info: tw1g_007

1 year ago#4
I believe a port will be announced 2020. Very strong feeling too. If it comes true then this specific post becomes legendary.
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