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User Info: Nirvanna21

1 year ago#1

After finally getting all the trophies and completely doing anything and everything in Disgaea 4 recently, I decided to finally crack open my Collectors Edition Disgaea D2 that I pre-ordered all those years ago.

To sum up this game as a whole is to simply say "thank you".

It gave me a challenge at the early and later stages of the game. It made the grinding feel pretty pale when I think back on my Disgaea HoD/Disgaea 2 CM days. Hell, it took me 300 hours to do everything I wanted in D4, so to have obtained all trophies and beaten Baal within 120 was actually quite tame.

I found a lot of improvements were added this time around, from aptitude grinding, cheat shop and item perfecting. I also personally loved the fact that I would switch off skill experience because being OCD, I always avoided using more than one or two skills in most Disgaea games per character, namely due to the fact that I would feel compelled to max out skills :^)

I also really appreciated the removal of the "rarity digit". Made things simple. The upgrading of the items rarity was also neat, though it was a little tedious sometimes.

The only couple of negatives I would have is that I wish there was a character storage. The heart's shadow innocent is required and I am f***ing sick to death of having over 100 dud characters hanging around the base at any given time. The other thing is it would have been nice to make your own custom maps like from Disgaea 4, instead of running through 60 item world floors trying to find a place to grind some skill levels only to worry at any given moment that the game may freeze (which had done 3 or 4 times during my play time thus far).

Now to discuss the best part of this game. Baal.

It took me 2 attempts to beat him, the first time I made a lot of mistakes but the second time I managed to make a few adjustments. It's kind of funny really. My first uber character I made was a Succubus, since I loved it from Disgaea 4 for item world farming and honestly it still holds up here, but I ended up not using it at all for Baal. Luckily I took the time to make Valvatorez (absorp/patience) go uber and with a little bit of effort was able to kill baal namely just using Valvatorez whilst making use of throw away duds and swapping out my 4 angel buffers when needed. I didn't even need to max my skill levels for this, I just got like 9 skills to level 52 and it was enough.

The fight was great and I could see why people would have a hard time with it!

I am about to grind myself a few thousand floors of item world to perfect my Succubus and get a few time engines to make use of, but I just wanted to post this and say thank you to everyone in the board. The videos and guides here have been awesome (seriously, the only useful thing that came from the CE guide was a free DLC code which in the end I never used '-).

P.S. story sucks but gaem good so play it disgaea fans (if you hadn't already).


User Info: x_lone_x_wolf_x

1 year ago#2
Play Disgaea 5 if you haven't already.
"He's dead! I love him.... Oh he's breathing.... Loser!"

User Info: ShionJrCitrine

1 year ago#3
Tc, have you beaten Disgaea 3 yet?
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