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User Info: AshtonRPG7

2 years ago#1
Im noticing something i sadly didnt noticed before
I have a char with 200% stat bonus cause of flat alliance but when it mounts the monster its stat increases beyond that 200% max.

Does anyone know the exact formula behind it?

Just to try one stat
Monster has 110649 Int
Sicily has 274326 Int

When she mounts stat shows as
Sicily 340713 Int
Monster 124769

So there is something giving them a stat increase when using mount, what is it?

User Info: classicdrogn

2 years ago#2
I know the affection gauge between humanoid and monster gives them better stats and mounted attack damage, but if not having built that up is what you mean by "flat alliance" it is puzzling.hat'

User Info: Margatroid

2 years ago#3
I have a few other questions about mounting, so I'm glad you made this topic. Here they are:

Is the special mounted combo attack affected by both the monster's stats and the rider's? IE, will a fighter do more damage with a mounted attack than a mage would, or is it just based on the monster stats and the affection level of the rider and mount?

Also, regarding likability, if a unit heals a mounted unit, does it raise likability for both the monster and the rider, or just for the monster? I wonder the same thing about standing next to a mounted unit when the turn ends. Pretty hard to test this, since exact likability numbers can't be seen.

Also, can mounted units participate in combination attacks with adjacent units? I haven't seen this happen, so I'm guessing not. I assume they are capable of protect actions and support attacks though.

And finally, if a unit is mounted on a monster and they do a normal weapon attack, does this raise their weapon proficiency? I'm assuming so.

If anyone knows the answers to this stuff, I'd appreciate it!

User Info: AshtonRPG7

2 years ago#4
Rider weapon level does increase, i think the only thing affection does is affect the damage of the mounted skill but it might affect that stat gain on the rider that i noticed, im gonna have to max them both to test but i got distracted a bit, i will continue leveling them though, max reinx, max loc etc, then mount and see what happens

User Info: AshtonRPG7

2 years ago#5
Rider stats get boosted beyond the 200% stat cap increase of stat boostinf abilities.
By how much I dont know but it does depend on likeability.
Going to try to max out a char and a monster and see how much the increase is in numbers
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