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User Info: HibikiRush

7 years ago#1
Thinking of picking this up before the sale is up. Any replay value for this? I'm also not much a tabletop gaming person, but I'm into RPGs. Would I have a good time with this?

User Info: TGGHOD

7 years ago#2
I'm still on my first playthrough, but I think it's pretty fun. Granted, I am a fan of tabletop RPGs, so that might be allowing for a bit of a bias on my part.
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User Info: Externica

7 years ago#3
There are two endings. The second ending can ONLY be triggered on your NG+.
Also, NG+ has new places to visit and the enemies are all stronger and have different drops.
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The game's very short. Finished in in 8 hours. But depending on how lucky you are, it can take a lot more. There's a mandatory, but rare item to progress in the game. Another user here needed hours/days to get that one.

I don't play Tabletop RPGs either, but I had my fair share of fun with Crimson Shroud,

User Info: gogues

7 years ago#4
I'm on the second playthrough right now and it definitely adds a lot to the first, I'd pretty much consider it mandatory. I can see myself playing it through more times to see how good the unique items from the bosses can be after melding.

I'm not into tabletop RPGs myself, but I found it pretty entertaining. I think the tabletop influence comes from the fact that a most of the story is narrated to the player rather than told through cutscenes.
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