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User Info: AzazelRosenberg

4 weeks ago#1
Hello evryone. Thanks alot for the help last time :-)
My data is corrupt since less than a week after I first dive into this board. Many gold rarified armor and weapons, hundreds of BBI Craft Material, Bands, Money, literally all "done", many dozens of runs against 2nd Daimon tho not far on the main history (a castle besieged was on my To-Do List)...
I don't even remember how many hrs I spent there (getting myself and pawn to 200+ aswell) & it's better like this. I need advice.

I really liked the game awhole lot but... to redo all my loot progress, all weapons, armors, Bands, BBI runs etc etc etc etc all over again (& I have not hired any weird pawns btw) with the risk of getting my data corrupted again, getting all that RC back (so hard to get it even farming Cursed Dragons)... I don't have what it takes to grind that at such high risk. My ps3 isn't jailbroken so I can't restore my save (why this stupid game has only a single corruptable slot anyways). Is there anything I can do to speed up my way to lvl 200+ with my pawn plus get AT LEAST some of my gold rarified stuffed back? It ranged from daggers to magick shields, all Bands, skills, augments... what have I ever done to deserve this punishment? Should I just forget about this game and get something decent instead? Please, A-N-Y H-E-L-P is welcome. None of game datas EVER got corrupted before, I read too late this game was bugged on this regard.

P.S: I am obviously begging if it wasn't apparent enough... all of you know this isn't a game where is a fast thing to reach to where I was equipament wise. Thanks anyways.
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User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
4 weeks ago#2
Wow, I'm sorry to hear that, you truly put a lot of effort in the game...

I'm really too busy with ESO (to the point it sometimes feels like work, lol) so I probably won't be able to help you there. But maybe you should consider learning doing a backup save using an USB stick.
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User Info: AzazelRosenberg

4 weeks ago#3
Unfortunatelly it is too late for me... I learned that if your PS3 is jailbroken you restore corrupt save date with an USB+PC combo but I have no PC X-/
As much as I'd "like" to restart all over again (with what I know I'd save a good week of useless exploring plus inefficient farming+grinding & could even try to min-max to just cheese my way to the top again) but without knowing what caused this problem, it remains unlikely...
Only good thing to come outta this was that I made a backup of all my Skyrim saves (627hrs+ on just plain vanilla), I'd be damned if I ever were to lose those.
PSN: TundraMeadow (aka "Mundra"). RIP Brazil
Lv.20: Eight Hermits of Mt. Konron. Any questions, mention me so I can see it

User Info: gonsi

4 weeks ago#4
Where did you get information about restoring corrupted save?

Long ago i was too lazy to grind gear for alts, so I just used save editor and managed to get 3 chars with equipment I wanted on non jailbroken ps3.

If its similar to fixing your save I can try take a look, but I would need info how its done.

User Info: Olld-Onne

4 weeks ago#5
Sorry to hear that. An uncorrupted save on USB would have saved you most likely. Does not need to be jail broken to copy the save data. Would have mess up your hiring and gifting for a bit but that is all that should occur.
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