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    @Saburewulf49 thanks alot man/human/person, I can try to put some better armor on my pawn if you want (I just like how Heresy looks), immensely appreciated!

    @William_Boone yeah, I may have a few cloacks between all those Grieves but you get what I meant XD I expected that the more items you purify at once the greater the variety of itens but I was painfully wrong... I also learned the hard way to never sell or discard Cursed items, trial and error I guess.

    A guy on Wikia said it took over 40 Daimon 2nd phase kills to complete a full set (I only got the Nether Helmet on the day I made the Topic, unbelievable how long it took but at least it was the 1st Nether Helmet I got and also comes with the bonus strength vs many, at least a good thing for once).
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