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    Hello evryone (and sorry if I am doing it wrong). Basically I have only been farming Daimon (plus Forgotten Hall and Fallen City) for BBI Armor Lv.3. Thing is it takes an awful lot of luck to get the right armor with the right Bonus Enchantment... I've been trying to get the Sin Armor Set December last year but no luck (how is that even possible to get 30 Hellfire Grieves in a roll?). I started college this year so no even 10% of previous farm time. Just wondering if anyone with more time would be kind to hire my Pawn (Lvl 200 Sorcerer) just to get me some RCs and gift me Lv.3 BBI Cursed Armor. What do I need to do in order for my request to be accepted? I am so sorry but I don't see myself being able to help back (I only played today after a 1 month hiatus, hopefully I'll have time to play next saturday or sunday) so I complete understand if my situation is hopeless :-)

    Maybe is my turn to become a Daimon...

    Details: I play as MA mostly (D&D nostalgia, Hank ftw! Plus Magic Rebalancer is free unlike Peryaphs so BBI is done quickly) but I change to MK when I feel like having more fun (Sin Armor would look great with my Dark Buckler), Post-Daimon but Pre-Dragon (not following Main Story until all BBI Quests are done), not min-maxed but all I use is Gold Rarified. PSN = TundraMeadow

    Thank you for reading my plea.
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