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    Welcome to pawn club ! (Anyone can create this thread, gamers come & go)

    This club is about sharing pawns among active players, getting each other rift crystals, knowledge, items & feedback.

    To interested New Players:
    This club works both ways. You hire pawns from within the club and your pawn is likely to be hired in return. This thread is not for promoting your pawn once ! It's meant to be an active pool of players. Posting in the thread helps show you are still active.

    Return hires are appreciated but there is no obligation to return a hire if their pawn is not suitable for your current party/level. Actively renting other member’s pawns in general is the best way to get your pawn noticed and rented. It's recommended that you put your info (psn/pawn name/pawn vocation) in your signature. This will make it easier for others to hire you and It’s a great way to promote your pawn !

    Players may send your pawn back with large amounts of RC. There is no requirement to try and match this amount should you return the rent. A hire, nice rating and any amount of rc is appreciated.

    The OPSC is here for fun, helping others, and the enjoyment of interacting with fellow players. Unfairly criticizing or pressurizing others with regards to rents or general trolling, whether publicly or via pm, may result in removal from the club. If any members feel they have been treated unfairly, please pm paasky with your concerns.

    The club list:
    If you want to become a member, add your info to the list. Sign up, then just follow set up instructions.
    Link to list: http://opsc.dark-arisen.com and mirror site http://opsc.mygamesonline.org
    Note that main list and mirror site sync about once a week.

    Acknowledging a hire:
    An important and mandatory duty! Post a little thank you about who hired your pawn, RC received, knowledge, gifts, etc. This is important as these posts allow others to see who is active & we’re more likely to rent active players / pawns. Details of a hire show up when you rest at an inn or bench. Simply hit square on each one, then use L1 & R1 to scroll through gift, knowledge, rating, comment etc. ( keep a notebook/pad to keep track of it all)

    Hiring higher level pawns:
    You can hire higher level pawns by sending them a friend request (mention gamefaq or opsc). Once accepted, they cost 0 RC, but there is a exp penalty for hiring pawns above your Arisen's level (which caps off at 25 levels above).

    Read the "Basic Pawn Hiring & Sharing FAQ" to learn about things like body bags & how to prevent them & other basics of pawn sharing.
    Link. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/684236-dragons-dogma-dark-arisen/68280762

    Lots of answers to many questions about the game can be found in the One stop DD:DA info, tips and tricks FAQ thread.

    Activity star system:
    Please update stars to 5 if active. Individual stars will be removed on a fixed schedule to help identify active & inactive members. If you do not keep your entry up to date it will end up being deleted.

    A gift is a gift, there is no need to try and gift valuable items if you have a limited inventory, it is simply a little token of appreciation between players. 10 is the maximum number of gifts that can be given at one time before resting. It is recommended to rest after each pawns final release. Gifting more than 10 items before resting will result in 0 RC and loss of items. Weapons, Armor, Clothing and Rings do not count as Rift gifts and can be equipped on hired pawns regardless of the 10 gift items limit. A maximum of 10 pieces of equipment is recommended to minimize loss in the event of a rift failure.
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