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    Having a hard time killing Ur Dragon during Grace Period? Check this thread about stacking periapts!!



    Conserving Consumables:

    Save your game after entering the Chamber of Lament, then proceed to fight the Ur Dragon. When the 8-minute round is over, wait for the "accessing server" message, so the damage you dealt to Ur will be uploaded to the server. When it is done, use Godsbane and reload your last save. This will allow you to fight Ur without using any consumables (MF is an exception).


    Contribution rewards are dependent on your save file after you fight the Ur Dragon. If you did not save after fighting him, your contribution rewards (in case you miss killing him during Grace Period) will be forfeit. If you go a round with Ur, Godsbane, and then save, the damage you dealt should count towards contribution rewards.


    Strategies in fighting the Ur Dragon using different Vocations:

    Assassin/Strider/Ranger should attack with 100/1000 Kisses and 5/10 Fold with Blast Arrows. Sorcerer/Mage should use Holy Focused Bolt. MK mostly employs Great Cannon. Fighter/Warrior are not recommended due to lack of ranged attacks.




    * Ur Dragon is healing??

    Capcom confirmed that HE DOES NOT HEAL. There is a generally accepted theory that there are at least 4 versions/instances of the Ur Dragon, each with their own health points, thus the varying amounts of HP when you enter the Chamber of Lament. When one of these versions dies, all versions will sync and we will have Grace Period. There are instances when there is a big difference between the health points of different versions, so as to prevent the players from concentrating on the Ur with the lowest HP, the server will redistribute Ur's health.

    * I'm not doing any damage!!

    You are doing damage. It's just that Online Ur has a tremendous amount of HP and it takes a lot of players around the world to bring his HP down to zero, thus activating Grace Period. Also be sure to observe the blood that is coming out of Ur when you attack him. Purple Blood = damage, Brown Blood = no damage. Hit the glowing spots (hearts) in order to draw purple blood, and do damage. If you can't destroy his hearts during GP, then you aren't doing enough damage.

    * How to discourage Ur from roosting:

    Going to the West side of the chamber will help discourage Ur from roosting above the tower; while going onto the ledges on the East side of the chamber will often encourage roosting. Ur should be less likely to roost once all 4 wing hearts are destroyed.

    * How to properly use the Maker's Finger:

    The Maker's Finger is a special arrow that will instantly kill almost every enemy in the game. As for Ur, it will not kill him instantly, but it will destroy one local heart and deal massive damage to his local HP (not global HP). You can only damage him if you hit a glowing spot or an intact heart - if you hit him on a dead heart, this will not do any damage. Maker's Finger does not count against the damage cap for a round, and the game will auto-save after use. Tail & wing hearts should be prioritized pre-Grace as well as other hard-to-reach hearts.

    You can only hold 1 Maker's Finger at a time. After you use it, Fournival will automatically restock another. Don't forge it - a forgery will never work.
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