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User Info: kalifani6

2 months ago#21
@lyryn222 posted...
Karmi passed yesterday...

I am stunned and deeply saddened by this.
He was a great friend to you and a staple in this online community of ours.

I wish I got to know him better.

He was a kind and patient moderator of this site and I considered him to be a leader and top tier member of the group.
I gained quite a lot of knowledge from him about what keeps this group together ----love for the game and an easygoing, positive sharing of info and ideas.

My condolences.
R.I.P. @Karmikazzee...peaceful journey in love and light
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User Info: Twizted_Jedi

2 months ago#22
This is one of those days that makes me wish I hadn't checked my inbox . A good friend told me of Karmi's passing and my heart sank . I did not know Karmi well but he was a HUGE inspiration and influence .

When I started playing DDDA in 2014 , I had no clue what I was doing until I found the OPSC board . I Iurked the hallowed halls of that Board , Sponging every bit of knowledge I could . Karmi was the resident goofball without question :) ... He had a wit and humor that just kept you engaged and waiting for his next post . As much as he may have clowned around and made the Board fun , He was also one hell of a DD player and it was obvious that everyone had enormous respect for him . Karmi and the OPSC gang from those days were tremendously influential on how I play DD to this day .

It wasn't until about a year ago , After finally becoming a member that I had the chance to briefly correspond with Karmi before I took a break from DD . He was of course gracious and funny as hell . I am so grateful that I had even that short time to chat with him .

Karmikazze is at the very core of our DD community and will always be remembered and revered . It is so fitting that when a new OPSC member goes to the first page of the the pawn sharing thread to learn what is expected of them as a member ... It is Karmi that shows them the way .

My heart goes out to his family and loved ones , His loss is felt deeply by all in the community .

RIP Karmi
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User Info: paasky

1 month ago#23
It was an honor to be one of Karmi's friend until his last moments. His memories will always stay with me!

You were always an import part of our community with warm heart, your were always willing help and give support, with humor making us laugh.

Rest in Peace

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I can't believe that he is gone. He was such a helpful person. We had many great interactions back when I was a regular on here. I won't forget those days. RIP brother.
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User Info: Ravstagram

4 weeks ago#26
Hello, I just created an account on game faqs

I am Karmikazzee's Grandson writing tonight, and I was just wanted to say how appreciative I am of all the kind things that were said about my grandpa and I am so amazed that he had such an amazing world online and these messages quite literally brought me and my dad to tears. It took me a while to get to a place where I could actually right this message. So I thank all of you who wrote about my grandpa or who had a connection with him at all or who just played with him because you guys meant so much to him and he would have been so happy to see all of these very kind wishes

User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
4 weeks ago#27
Thank you for your words. Be at peace.
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