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User Info: AliceUnchained

3 months ago#11
This is so sad. :( Karmi was a wonderful person, very witty, friendly, fun, and kind. He will be missed. Rest in peace old friend.
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User Info: Sera67

3 months ago#12
DD boards will be alot less DDy with out them =(

Didnt even get a chance to play eso with them....
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User Info: Falthin

3 months ago#13
I've just seen the message and I'm devastated. Karmi was the nicest person. Always willing to help in any way he could. Like many others, I first met him here on this board playing our beloved Dragon's Dogma and he embodied all the best qualities of our community. We went on to have many chats and play other games together and I remember pulling a number of all-nighters while having fun playing Diablo 3 despite the time difference.
My thoughts go out to all who knew and loved you and I will miss you terribly.

User Info: William_Boone

3 months ago#14
My condolences to his family and the community...

Im in shock and very sad...
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User Info: Mussurana

3 months ago#15
I thought I might share a Karmi story, begging the indulgence of the community.

Way back in my early days on this game it entered my rather dense head that my Arisen was less than optimal, so I resolved to restart. Now, some of you are probably aware of the reincarnation concept, I however was far too dumb to have a second account.

It won't come as any great surprise to anyone that Karmi quickly jumped in, and had Jazz look after Izzy during the reincarnation process, and also gave her a priceless Dragonblood ring.

Now, some of you might be familiar with my play through technique, and the signature "Do not re-equip" sign around a levelling Izzy's neck but... this was my first from scratch hard play (and I'm no great gamer).

Karmi might not have been able to give me material support, but his moral support was invaluable. He laughed at my poor quality jokes in club threads and discussed tactics with me on PSN for those particularly nasty BBI hallways. I doubt I'd have made it had the price of failure been lower than letting Karmi down.

I might add, that once my self imposed restrictions were lifted, he inundated me with 20 odd BW3s. Izzy had suffered enough, and her Uncle Karmi would see her properly equipped from now on.

I'm aware this post is overlong, a bit rambling and even a touch flippant but...

Karmi was never one for being too serious, and liked my crap jokes (so I hope to make him laugh a little wherever he is).

Mostly though I hope to demonstrate why we loved him. It wasn't the RC or the gifts (although he certainly didn't stint there), it was about the support he gave us and the example he set.

If I can take a fraction of the kindness and generosity he always displayed forward into other games, maybe I can honour his memory in some small way.

I wish all DA players past, present and future happy gaming, I think Karmi would want that.
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User Info: Lord Heimdall

Lord Heimdall
3 months ago#16
Interestingly enough, pretty much like in DD Karmi will continue to live thru his pawn.
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User Info: cjchartier

3 months ago#17
Like many of you others, I was shocked and saddened when I heard about Karmi's passing. I first met him when he joined this board, and we've kept in contact since then. I know I'll miss his kindness, charitable nature and - most of all - that Karmi sense of humor. Any time I got a message from him, or saw one of his posts here, I always got a kick out of his quick, self-deprecating, wit. It was never aimed at others - he enjoyed mocking himself.

I had finally made the switch over to the PS4 late last year (at his prodding), and we joked about finding the "right" game to finally be able to play "together" online. Sadly, that won't happen now. Maybe in the next world. I hope you have good wifi, and an extra controller, when I get there, Karmi.
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User Info: Jules_McGrules

3 months ago#18
Good Lord, this is terrible. I hope his family is ok. :(

Thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry it's under such circumstances. He was a gem of a man, and he is sorely missed.
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User Info: Dragoon ZER0

Dragoon ZER0
3 months ago#19
Truly one of the best of us. Kind, optimistic, great sense of humor. I don't think I ever caught him on a bad day. I don't think he had any :)

You will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.

User Info: frogwalloper

3 months ago#20
Karmi was always the one to check in and see how you were doing, drop a line to wish you all the best in the new year, or to offer a sympathetic ear if things weren't going well. He brought a lot of warmth and light wherever he went and made so many lives better just by being around.

Thank you, Karmi. I'm really going to miss you.