3 months ago #4
    I am still in a bit of denial phase of grief. When lyryn sent that msg on PSN I thought it was a joke and he was pulling Karmi's leg over something.

    He was the first person in my 20 years of gaming online that I felt comfortable enough to voice chat with. He was one of the warmest and kindest person I've ever met. Playing Borderlands2 and Diablo 3 with Karmi and lyryn are some of my favourite gaming memories.

    I am glad he talked me into getting ESO and I got to spend a couple weeks playing ESO with him. In typical Karmi fashion, he escorted me around and taught me the basics.

    We often say that DDDA PS3 community is the best gaming community we've all come across, and Karmi was the best of us all.

    We'll miss you old friend, Rest in Peace.
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