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User Info: WadeTLeja

3 months ago#11

Gp started about 7 minutes ago

Had Pre GP Kill

Left Wing.

Not sure what will be hearts in GP. Prior to Pre GP kill, kept getting numerous glowing hearts on legs with health in right butt and left front paw. Then I got UR with no glowing hearts and health in left wing which I killed. Very strange/different

congrats to all hunter!!

User Info: William_Boone

3 months ago#12
Im not sure how i got it as i believe i went in when grace was supposed to be over...

Thanks wade for the call and kick!

Xant got 6 hearts, both paws, left forearm and shoulder and right rear leg shin and heel.
Sarita got gen 2157! Lol

Also about health on grace, i believe the more grace advances the less health urdy has. I have observed this on ps3 and ps4 too as when i was trying to kill urdu with my Arisen as Sorcerer it was always easier to kill it like 30 minutes after grace... I think health diminishes the more people kill it on grace.

On that matter, this grace felt very squishy and i got it with 8 potions instead of the usual 12... So more evidence of this as i said... Lol

Congrats to all hunters! ;)
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User Info: Farmacept

3 months ago#13
I was close, but...
Three tries in a row, best was around 3/4 of his HP, just not enought DPS it seems :)
Its time to get those str/mag augments.
Thanks for grace call, it was fun!
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