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User Info: William_Boone

4 months ago#21
Thanks wade for the call and kick!

Xant got 2 hearts, right rear leg shin and thigh and Sarita got one heart, right rear leg shin.

@Orasion_Seiz it seems its not you... I just checked and mine didnt registered too... As a matter of fact i was the last kill on last hunt and it doesnt show anyone else after me... I checked on a no hunting alt and it shows the same... It seem the problems affecting the Ps4 Ur list is also wreaking havok on Ps3 too...

Now this is not good at all...

Still... Congrats to all hunter!

Edit: the timing couldnt be worse, Capcoms support page says that their support service will be limited or not available from Oct 3 thru 11... I wonder what is really going on???
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User Info: Orasion_Seiz

4 months ago#22
Well thats not good indeed. Cant believe its affecting the ps3 too. I do hope they fix it soon and seems capcom support has taken a vacation. We will just have to wait.
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