Ur Dragon Gen 2114

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User Info: WadeTLeja

2 weeks ago#11
Orasion_Seiz posted...

2 hearts here left shin and thigh. Congrats to all!

Thanks Orasion for call.

Thanks to Keikitsu and William_Boone for health kicks.

had 2 hearts on left hind leg.

Congrats to all hunters!!!

User Info: kalifani6

2 weeks ago#12
I got the head(eyes and lower mandible), both wings, and the left shin. 5 Makers Fingers and a few GB altogether.
This was great fun.

Congratz hunters
Kalifani6 | Eros Lv. 200 White Mage imgur.com/a/ewAs0 Valeria Lv.200 Blood Sorceress

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