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User Info: William_Boone

4 months ago#11
Thanks to Keikitsu for the kick!

Xant and Sarita got 1 heart, left rear leg shin.

Congrats to all hunters! :)
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User Info: kb2mocha

4 months ago#12
Thank you for the call, William_Boone.

I was a bit late noticing grace period had started. I rushed to rearrange vocations/equipment/pawns and made off to CoL as fast as I could. Whew - just made it - Urdy comes down all beat up and ripe for the picking. I then proceed to unequip the daggers on all pawns... wait, what?! Unequip the daggers and leave the bows - that's not right - that's down right backwards! DOH!! Okay, exit to title screen and rush back in as fast as possible. Sorry, too late - here are your rewards for your contribution to the defeat of the Ur Dragon (or, whatever it is that screen says). Thought you all might find that entertaining. =)

Congrats to all hunters!!
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User Info: bunnyrebellion

4 months ago#13
congratulations (very belated) to ser @William_Boone for his rank-up to #5 on our hunter board, this in spite of a late start, a huge hurricane interruption of several months and busy life. great job!!!

and a shoutout to my hunting partner @WadeTLeja for kill #1750

both you guys are racking up kills on the PS4 side at the same time, so that’s several dragons daily, huge props.

and to @kb2mocha for keeping the topics current,

I Miss this board SO much, hopefully everyone joins us on the PS4 side, plus monster hunter world and all the other great games coming.

Have a great week!!!
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