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User Info: William_Boone

8 months ago#12
Thanks wade for the call and kick!

Xant got one heart, right shoulder. Sarita got one heart, right frontleg forearm.

Congrats to all hunters! :)
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User Info: ACasser

8 months ago#13
Same Bat-Dragon, same Bat-Heart.
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User Info: kb2mocha

8 months ago#14
@WadeTLeja posted...

GP started about 10 minutes ago

1 heart

Right Forearm

Congrats to all hunters!!!

Thank you for the call and kick, @WadeTLeja and @ncc1701ePicard. Another super big thank you to the both of you for cleaning up this gen. From what I understand, many wing and tail hearts remained while Urdy was fairly low on health before you arrived on the scene. Your dedication and generosity to the community in providing friendly grace periods is always extremely appreciated by me and I'm sure many others.

Had one heart - same heart as everyone else right forearm.

Congrats to all hunters!!
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