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User Info: Orasion_Seiz

7 months ago#11
William_Boone posted...

Huricane season also started a few days ago, so u can imagine things are not good yet and the danger looms... i hope no more huricanes visit us or anybody on the Usa and the rest of the World! I know is like a dream, but at least i hope no huricane like María develops... the devastation is just too much!

We dont have hurricanes on where i am but rainy season has started for us. Not as big as hurricanes but storms here can be devestating and lots of floods. Take care and be safe!
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User Info: kb2mocha

7 months ago#12
@bunnyrebellion posted...
congratulations to @William_Boone for recently ranking up to spot #6 on the hunter board, well-done ser!!! your achievement is especially impressive since you had missed so many months from the hurricane.

Congrats @William_Boone!! Well done indeed!! =)
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User Info: William_Boone

7 months ago#13
@Orasion_Seiz then i hope there are no floods, we could also get systems with lots of rain... it is not pretty!

@kb2mocha Many thanks! :)
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