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User Info: WadeTLeja

7 months ago#21
bunnyrebellion posted...
Happy Birthday @wade !!!!

Thanks Ms BR!!

Thanks William_Boone for call and kick.

Had 3 hearts.
Left heel, left hind thigh/butt, and base of tail.

Congrats to all hunters!!!

User Info: bunnyrebellion

7 months ago#22
thanks for the call and kick @William_Boone also the kicks from @wade , much appreciated

my version had left butt and shin and base of tail

this was the dragon wishing wade a very happy birthday tonight

congratulations hunters, have a great Saturday night!!!!
XBL bunny of honor
PSN bunnyrebellion

User Info: kb2mocha

7 months ago#23
@bunnyrebellion posted...
Happy Birthday @wade !!!!

A belated happy birthday to you, Mr. @WadeTLeja!! I hope you had a fabulous day!! Wishing you many, many more!!
DD:DA | Arisen: Nieva | Pawn: Mocha (various vocations)
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