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User Info: bunnyrebellion

8 months ago#11
and another one bites the dust

thanks for the health updates by @wade and @keikitsu

my dragon was the same version as wade, and lucky his pawn soloed the tail heart so it went very smoothly

congratulations hunters, a very good evening to you all !!!!
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User Info: William_Boone

8 months ago#12
Many thanks @bunnyrebellion for the call and wade and ncc1701ePicard for the kicks! Also thanks Keikitsu for the health updates.

Xant got 5 hearts, left rear leg shin, midtail and base of tail and right rear leg shin and thigh. Sarita got 3 hearts, left rear leg shin and right rear leg shin and thigh.

Congrats to all hunters! :)
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