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User Info: WadeTLeja

11 months ago#11

GP started about 7 minutes ago

Pre GP Kill
Base of neck

Congrats to all hunters!!!

User Info: Orasion_Seiz

11 months ago#12
1 heart base neck (weird spot but i'll take it)

Congrats to wade on this pre gp. Congrats to all who got their kills!
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User Info: ACasser

11 months ago#13
Three hearts here: right foreclaw, base of neck, upper neck.
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User Info: bunnyrebellion

11 months ago#14
congratulations hunters, another “cool gen” in the bag tonight, I’m hoping to be back for the next cool number 2002.

congrats on your pre aGP @wade

hope you all had a nice Easter; have a good night!!!
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User Info: William_Boone

11 months ago#15
Thanks wade for the call and kick! Congrats on your pre grace kill!

Xant and Sarita got the same 3 hearts like ACasser.

@bunnyrebellion Im not sure if you can be on time for Urdy 2002, Someone seems to want it bad... It is at 10.55 already... Grace was just a few minutes ago...

Congrats to all hunters! :)
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