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User Info: William_Boone

11 months ago#11
Thanks Orasion and kb2mocha for the calls and wade, ncc1701ePicard, orasion and Keikitsu for the kicks!

Xant got 6 hearts... Maybe 7 like Sarita, but not sure, Eyes, neck adams apple, both wing joints, lower back and base of tail. Sarita got those 6 plus neck behind the head.

Congrats to all hunters! :D
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User Info: WadeTLeja

11 months ago#12
Orasion_Seiz posted...

1 heart here, upper tail. Congrats to all!

Thanks for call

Had 1 heart... Face(eyes)

Congrats to all hunters!!!

User Info: bunnyrebellion

11 months ago#13
congratulations hunters on an awesome Gen #2000 or GEN2K

is our dragon a millennial now? or Gen Z

In any case I was with you in spirit here in the mountains a mile up,

Ser wade, mademoiselle keikitsu and our @Orasion_Seiz all gave me kicks and updates in real-time, but no PS3 so I’ll have to wait until Gen 3000 I guess

great job, I hope you are having a blessed Holy Week and Happ Easter to everyone!!!!

chocolate bunnies for everyone even Dragon Gen 2001 will get a taste, I’ve been working overtime on my Easter goodies
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