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User Info: Darth-Simous

7 months ago#41
Twizted_Jedi posted...

Ok so I know I busted your nuggs a bit and we had a good laugh about Rage's Acquisitor primary , But I have to tell you something .

God help me ...and I'll probably lose all respect and credibility for saying this but ... I found it useful and I don't mind it .

Isabella and Anastasia were in the ROD 1,0 trying to get a few Hydra kills for Rage and after a bit I noticed that I didn't have to bother with picking up a damn thing ! That girls is like a friggin Heavily Armored Vacum Cleaner ! XD

When I went to unload i was absolutely amazed at how much crap she picked up !

I'm obviously not saying that it is a good inclination for combat
but .. lets face it Izzy n Ana had it covered anyway . High Maelstrom and Bolide don't leave many stragglers in 1.0 XD

I'm quite enjoying watching your pretty little Kleptomaniac run around BBI like a coked up spider monkey grabbing candy from a busted pinata !

Anyway she has gained quite a bit of knowledge so far and met the KC on Hydra's so when you do the barrel toss she should be able to get her 3rd * ... I should probably RNR her soon come to think of it .

Again before I start getting hate mail in my PM box .. I'm not recommending friggin Acquisitor or saying that its anywhere near a good inclination , BUT It is absolutely hilarious and at this point in my DD career... laughs and auto looting are worth a bit of lax combat . XD

@Twizted_Jedi & @Shekhar79 , i wanted to quote that, as well, hehe ! Rage was with us on one of my teams - "details" incoming soon, finally ! - and she went "bananas" with every item on site. Basically, most young pawns end up having Acquisitor, early in game, and until someone kills the Hydra in "A Rude Awakening", don't have access to Jonathan at the Encampment, as well as his Inclination potions...

BTW, i still "owe" Jonathan a chat, regarding what kind of cr@p he is selling me lately, and Deia still climbs critters like a chimp !!!
Danika (Darth-Simous), Deianira (Darth-Secundus),
Twizted Jedi:, Various:
(edited 7 months ago)

User Info: Darth-Simous

7 months ago#42
Twizted_Jedi posted...
Shekhar79 posted...
@Twizted_Jedi, kleptomaniac was at it at your arena as well?! You know what, as a beginner when you are low on stuff, I daresay it isn't a bad inclination to have. Besides, a level 20ish pawn is only there for knowledge in your and other arisen travels, to expect anything else would be asking for too much! In ROD or Black Abbey, disappearing loot is so annoying, especially when you take out the biggest threat first and their rare loot gets replaced with junky stuff from lesser enemies. Heavily Armored Vacuum Cleaner....this has me in splits! Friggin' hilarious!

She's changes her inclinations as I sat her at the table many times and like a petulant child berated her for her kleptomania. Then she got pissed at me, and started her tantrums by saying battle weary stuff like, "I'll have nightmares from that one (fight)" or "Perhaps we could avoid another battle". I sat her again at the table and made her 'manner of speech' from timid/meek to confident! Now I think she is better...or so I think!


So rare it is that a young padawan teaches the Jedi Master such a valuable lesson . XD

You are 150% correct about that and its a really good point .. A low level Warrior pawn is not going to do a whole lot in BBI and is in Fact there for knowledge , RC yada yada . Not to mention when they attack a fierce monster they mostly end up on their ass . Why not distract them a bit with shiny objects and put them on clean up duty ? Smart my friend ;)

* In my best Darth Vader voice * ....Impressive ... Most impressive .

Haha, well said, to all the above^ !! And, i was really glad to see Rage earlier picking up stuff, besides knowledge !!! She is a feisty minx !
Danika (Darth-Simous), Deianira (Darth-Secundus),
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: Darth-Simous

7 months ago#43
Shekhar79 posted...

Master Jedi - I am humbled! xD Truth be told, till about level 50-ish, I prefer having pawns with this inclination as primary or secondary for the reason I stated. Let me give you another example, the little goblins drop "hunk of ore" (weighs 0.03 units)and the early bandits drop sometimes "shackle" (weighs 3.7 units). Combining the two gives you "Skeleton Key" which is almost mandatory for Ward of Regret to farm very easy GL3s in BBI2.0.

Need another example, all the scrags of beast you collect, make for excellent stamina regen sources (especially when they go sour). And even if they go rotten, combine with 'hunk of ore' to produce 'backfat oil(?)' which when combined with empty flash gives you 3 oil flasks. I know you know all this, but my objective if to put it out there should someone who doesn't know this, reads this. The apples and grapes that your pawn might collect are 'perfect' early HP items. When they go sour, combine with water flask to get white wine (from sour apples) and red wine (from sour grapes). In the beginning of the game, in Gransys, no other item heals you so much like these wines do. So my point is, I don't want to bother collecting "hunks of ores" and crap. If my pawn does it, at least I am very well prepared.

After level 35-50, this inclination is redundant as pawns are 'smart' to pick up rare loot while ignoring crappy loot like 'hunks of ores'. They will pick up vengeful mirrors more readily but not rift crystal specks, irrespective of their inclinations. At least this is what I've observed.

Well said, @Shekhar79 , my friend ... The Force is strong with him, Master @Twizted_Jedi ... !

For those who hoard BBI, up & down, next time U R at Iola's in Cassardis, buy as many as Pickled Mushrooms U can. Combine them with Pyrepipes, found in most places in BBI & U have the excellent Staminal Drench, one of the best STAM Curatives, until U reach Post-Game & buy Mushroom Potages for the entire party.

Kingwarishes & Cragshadow Morels are among the best HP & STAM Curatives, respectivelly one can find in-game. U can stay in BBI 1.0, and keep going back and forth, between the Harbor & the Duskmoon Tower, while resting at Cassardis, to respawn and farm these inbetween...
Danika (Darth-Simous), Deianira (Darth-Secundus),
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: Darth-Simous

7 months ago#44
Twizted_Jedi posted...

Are you going for student of the year or what ! ? XD .. Damn I'm friggin proud of you right now !

Your last post had more bullet points than a armory at a Marine Corps Base !

Backfat oil is also one of the best stamina curatives for early levels .. It actually gives you more stamina that Lg Mushrooms . It also sells for a good chunk of gold so It may be more economically beneficial to sell it over making oil flasks or using it as a curative . My point is that it is extremely useful and I'm really glad you brought it up .

And since were on the subject , Letting meat sour then selling it brings in big $$ as does letting veggies go moldy . As you stated its best to combine water n moldy grapes n apples for wine as a HP curative .

If you screw up with Ambrosial meat and let it go rotten just combine it with an Airtight flask and Spring water and its now Kept Ambrosial Meat worth a NICE chunk of change .

Don't forget.. Its best to sell when all 4 party members have the Suasion Augment . This is exactly why i keep it on Rayne . Like I said she's there to help with all aspects of those earlier levels as well as being a leveling crutch .

Shekky it is so rare on our small Ps3 board these days to have a member and student show the desire , endurance and patience to become teacher .. I can feel a disturbance in the Force ....It is surely Darth and Alice beaming with pride along with me right now . Well fu#kin done sir !

@Twizted_Jedi , i am sure proud of our friend Shek ... He is a - very - avid player & i am always glad for his PMs on the console ... I am sure Rage will become a full-fledged Sith in no-time & Master Vader will be pleased :-) ... Jokes aside, she is really coming along greatly & i hope she lives to her sister Femme's good fame - see wut i did there ... XD ! - in the Rift !

TKU's incoming next post - need to transfer some picks at my PC, first ...
Danika (Darth-Simous), Deianira (Darth-Secundus),
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: Darth-Simous

7 months ago#45
And time for my gals to give Thank-yous, regarding the last few days - again, please forgive the delay.

Deianira thanks dearly:

Arisen: Dominator, Pawn: Rage, PSN: Destructive_Lord, for: 2,220 RCs, a Large Nut, a Balmy Incense, all 5-Stars Ratings Twice, plus the praise "Excelled in all regards". @Shekhar79 , thank U kindly for trusting my gal again & all your kind comments, as previously mentioned. I hope Deia will be a good bodyguard to Team-Rage again !

Arisen: Rick, Pawn: Angel, PSN: maverick-ty, for: 666,940 RCs, a Sour Ambrosial Meat, all 5-Stars Ratings, and the high praise "You've been raised well !" Many thanks again to Deia's JPN friend Angel, she was re-hired again, as always ...

Arisen: Shelly, Pawn: Kerry, PSN: ps_hanauta2, for: 177,927 RCs, a Tagilus's Miracle, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the comment "Excelled in all regards". I was actually suprised to receive such a hire, because last time i checked the Rift, Kerry was L.100 and one needs 3 Mil. RCs from L.100 to hire a L.200 Pawn @_@ .. I suspect this is a 2nd Account to the other JPN friend of Deia's, with PSN: mokity_777, and Pawn: Charlie, which hired Deia about a week ago, because Charlie & Kerry's resemblance is remarkable & they both were at L.100, last time i checked. Deia is trully honored for such hires & i rehired both gals to make-up some of the RCs they spend, for hiring my Fighter gal. Much obliged to them & many thanks :-)

Arisen: siwa, Pawn: jasny, PSN: CEHEHDJE, for: 149,015 RCs, but not for the Body-Bag Deia received. jasny was never hired before, apart from Deia's return hire to them. I hope they don't bag her again & me having to turn her - again - to "Friends-Only" ...

Finally, Arisen: Kenshin, Pawn: Robin, PSN: Kenshin1985, for: 492,589 RCs, a welcome Blessed Flower, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the high praise "Exudes strength and valor." Thank U, @Gundam_God, for having Deia again at Team-Robin ...

Here are the picks i promised, with Robin's Knights' Training:

My favorite pick of these:

Robin charging "HAVE AT YOU !!!":

She managed to grapple a Golden Knight:

"HAVE AT YOU-square" ...XD

She managed to grapple a Silver Knight *PREPARE TO DIE!!!*:

Your gal performed admirably, bud ! Hope U liked the picks.

Finally, Danika thanks kindly:

Arisen: Victory, Pawn: Her BFF Nova, PSN: DRUNKEN-VIKING13, for: 974,748 RCs, a Salomet's Secret, a Sobering Wine (like U wouldn't ... XD), all 5-Stars Ratings Twice, and the high praise "Excelled in all regards.". Also:

Arisen: Isabella, Pawn: Anastasia, PSN: Twizted_Jedi3, for: 155,804 RCs, a SCRUBB (Gotcha, lol !!!), all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the Master's "Employed skills masterfully" praise.

Thanks kindly, as always, Brother @Twizted_Jedi , 4-Sorcs Party coming soon, as mentioned !

Arisen: Penetrator, Pawn: Femme_Fury, PSN: Shekhar79, for: a Veteran's Periapt, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the Highest Praise "Is simply perfect !". @Shekhar79 , thanks again bud & for all comments, as well !

Thanks again to all & next post with presenting my 3rd Pawn ... Regards :-)
Danika (Darth-Simous), Deianira (Darth-Secundus),
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: Darth-Simous

7 months ago#46
Without further ado, introducing to the proud PS3 DD Sharing Board: Telemachus

He is the son of Odysseus, one of the most famous Ancient Greek Mythological heroes - i am from Greece, for those who don't know it ... His father is also his Arisen: Odysseus, the one who improvised and created the Trojan Horse. Also, Homer's Odyssey is dedicated entirelly to Odysseus's journey back to his home, Ithaka, to save his proud house from those who took it over, and together save his family, as well.

They are on PSN: Darth-Sentius, as in "Sentient", to honor Odysseus's amazing resolve & cunningness ! They are currently set to "Friends-Only", until i reach MAX Level & have Tele wearing a bit better gear, than he currently wears. They are L.153 ATM & are 10 days old.

I would like to thank dearly & in advance my kind friend @AliceUnchained , for the amazing & remarkable help offered to Telemachus, getting him up to speed. ALL his TKUs will be posted properly, when the time comes ...

Also, a kind Thank-U to Brother @Twizted_Jedi , for all the picks with him, lately. Here are some, with Isabella & Anastasia:

*Miss Izzy, are we still on for a drink tonight? NOT a chance, junior !!! XD*

Here is his build plan I am currently following - again, courtesy of brother Twizted:

He will be the Strider of the Darth family, and occassionally A Ranger, as he is in the Rift ATM.

Finally, those who might be interested in reading, Wiki contains a few good links:

I will be registering him shortly on the OPSC Site.

Cheers to all & regards. Simon
Danika (Darth-Simous), Deianira (Darth-Secundus),
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: AliceUnchained

7 months ago#47
Twizted_Jedi posted...
Ok so I know I busted your nuggs a bit and we had a good laugh about Rage's Acquisitor primary , But I have to tell you something .

God help me ...and I'll probably lose all respect and credibility for saying this but ... I found it useful and I don't mind it .

You are not going to lose credibility from me, I'll be honest, I don't mind acquistors at all (I actually kinda like them tbh, but I know they aren't popular so I've never purposely made my pawn one). It's nice not to have to stop to pick stuff up, and every time I hear "Never mind the beasts, I'll get the loot" I laugh! XD

I missed you all, sorry I haven't been very active. I need to take @Shekhar79 's Rage out again, I've only had her with Eir for a quick RC bomb. I'll be picking her up soon. I also see @Darth-Simous has revealed the incredibly handsome and talented Telemachus to the world. <3 This guy is a fantastic pawn. Great job on Odysseus as well, he's always been one of my favorite Greek heroes.

I'll go ahead and make a separate post, because I have a pawn to reveal to the world too. No pics because I am a terrible Dogma photographer tho.
Slo-Mo Strider - Yggdrasille - AliceUnchained9 / Lvl ~120 Ranger - Njorun - AliceUnchained5
yunabug18 and AliceUnchained4/7/8/0 are my inactive DD:DA accts.

User Info: AliceUnchained

7 months ago#48
I'll set this up similar to Darth's post, I like making the info available for those not aware of Norse myths. My newest pawn is the goddess Freyja, she represents love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death. Since she is known for seidr, which is old Norse sorcery, I made her a sorceress. If you'd like to read about Freyja:
She is known for her beauty, so I hope I was able to capture that well. :) I know @Darth-Simous and @Twizted_Jedi have taken pics of her, they were just waiting for me to reveal her.

I used this build:
She's not quite level 200 yet, but on her way.

Her Arisen is based on my very first pawn Hrist. I am carrying on her memory. Hrist is based on the valkyrie in Norse myth:
^She doesn't have her own wiki page, but Hrist means "the quaking one". She also is inspired by my favorite valkyrie in my favorite video game series - Valkyrie Profile!
If anyone has played the games you probably see the irony of Hrist being the arisen, and Freyja being her pawn! XD It's rather ironic just based on the myth as well.
My build is almost pure magic.
First 10 levels were fighter really just to unlock sinew for myself. I tend to like pure build arisen, it's my own fault if I get killed - a few more defense points don't matter to me.

I'll be putting her up on the site very soon, and I'll get online and have her newest version ready too.
AliceUnchained3 - Freyja - Sorceress (level 186)
yunabug18 and AliceUnchained4/5/7/8/9/0 are my other accts.
(edited 7 months ago)

User Info: Shekhar79

7 months ago#49
Had to pop in to say this...It seems (thanks to Rage), everyone seems to be coming out of the closet regarding !!! I cannot stop smiling at everyone's comments so far!

@AliceUnchained and @Darth-Simous - Fantastic work on your new pawns. As Caxton says, "Masterworks, all of them"
PSN: Shekhar79 | Arisen name : Penetrator | Pawn : Femme_Fury (Lv 200 sorceror)
PSN: Destructive_Lord | Arisen name : Dominator | Pawn : Rage
(edited 7 months ago)

User Info: Twizted_Jedi

7 months ago#50

And so he was released upon the world ... The One who would make The Black Isle tremble at his feet ... Literally .... His feet are so damn big that he's constantly tripping over them causing massive Earthquakes :D .. Sorry Bro Couldn't stop myself

Just bustin nuggs .. He's one hell of a Pawn and I only have the LV 100 version .

Haha .. The Terror Twins look like tiny little munchkin dolls next to Tele !

" NOT a chance Junior " ... Can't blame the kid for tryin ! ;)

Maybe he'll eventually wear down Ana .. Kind of an adorable couple there huh ?

Could you imagine the vicious little Demon Ninja Babies those two would produce !!! XD
Twizted_Jedi Rayne 36 Mage / Twizted_Jedi2 Jade / Twizted_Jedi3 Anastasia / DRUNKEN-VIKING13 Nova / THUNDERGOD_72 Aria / N7-Warden Athena. Info on OPSC site .
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