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User Info: Gaara_fan

2 weeks ago#301
It's Thanks time for Elena

- She thanks Darth-Sentius @Darth-Simous (Player: Odysseus) for 1,000,000RC, 1x Vile Wakestone, 5/5/5 Ratings and a "All the best to you" comments. In behalf of Elena, I also thank you very much.

- She also thanks Flonne-Gale 22 (Player: Ashe for 80,642 RC, 1x Portcrystal, 1x Drake's Tear, 5/5/5 Ratings and a "I'd have your pawn again." Thank you for the patronage, I'll take your pawn for a ride ASAP.

I'll take both pawns for a ride against my last foe needing 3 stars, Skeleton Brutes. See you soon!
"Prepare to be purified. Divine Assault, Ether Strike!" - Freya, Valkyrie Profile 2

User Info: scathatch72

2 weeks ago#302

Thanks for hiring Irene and MAKIN' IT RAIN rift crystals! Haven't purified the cursed item yet but I'm sure it's something good!
PSN: flonne-gale22/Dark Arisen Pawn: Irene (Sorcerer)

User Info: Darth-Simous

2 weeks ago#303
scathatch72 posted...

Thanks for hiring Irene and MAKIN' IT RAIN rift crystals! Haven't purified the cursed item yet but I'm sure it's something good!

Telemachus thanks:
Arisen: Hrist, Pawn: Freyja, PSN: aliceunchained3, for: An RC BOMB - 1,000,000 RCs (!), a Ne'er-Do-Part, a Fragrant Herb Ale, a Sour Ambrosial Meat, a Liquid Vim, all 5* Ratings Four (4) Times and "Employed skills masterfully" !

Telemachus thanks kindly his GF Frey, and her Master Hrist, for gracing him with such a nice hire & all the rare gifts ... Really glad to hear good news about Frey's Knowledge - CU in the Rift, dear friend ...

Arisen: Ashe, Pawn: Irene, PSN: flonne-gale22, for: 7,154 RCs, a Pilgrim's Charm, a Coin Purse of Charity, all 5* Ratings Twice and "Hello".

@scathatch72 , Telemachus says "Hello" to Irene as well :-) ... And I am sure @AliceUnchained was glad to have hired & will be hiring Irene again - as i will be doing very soon from Telemachus's account ...

It is advised though to keep a Notebook & a Pen handy to note down the hires Irene receives in detail - as in the Topic's 1st Page Rules ....U press the "Square" button on the "Hire Sheet"and scroll through the Tabs with the L1 & R1 Buttons ...

It is considered tradition here on the Pawn Sharing Club, as well as courtesy towards fellow players - who hire each-other's pawns - and helps others take a look at who gives good hires to other players, as well ... Take a look at the page previously, to get an idea on how U can report hires in detail, as well as @Gaara_fan 's post just above ...

U can also record hires easily to the OPSC Site and then transfer them here on the Board, for mentioning and thanking others ... Like i mentioned previously, if U need further help, or tips, regarding the game or the Board, don't hesitate to ask ...

I usually don't post my own TKUs nowadays in everyday, to avoid cluttering the board with my posts. Needed to make an exception this time though, to point out some things :-) ...

Cheers again, folks, and C U in the Rift ...
(Dan) Darth-Simous,(Deia) Darth-Secundus,(Tele) Darth-Sentius,
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: kalifani6

2 weeks ago#304
Hey Y'all! Glad to see things still going strong here since I've been offsite. Not for lack of love. Just been kinda busy and sickly these past few weeks.

Thus I have lots of overdue gratitude to disperse. Namely to the linchpin of this whole operation the great @Darth-Simous and his various offshoots - Always amazing me with those frequent 1mil rc bombs - which has helped make my Valeria & Eros among the richest mercs in the realm.

To Thee I give most high honors...most recently
Eros Thanks Darth-Secundus | Alcmene for 1,000,000 RC[!], 5/5/5 Ratings, Cursed Dragon Scale[x2], Cursed Dragon Horn[x2], Netherstone[x2], BB G Lv.3[!], and the "Always a pleasure." comment

Valeria Also Thanks Darth-Secundus for 1,000,000 RC[!], 5/5/5 Ratings, Scythe Shard[x2], Bone Lantern[x2], BB A Lv.3[!], and the "You have a style about you!" comment. And again for 919,974 RC, 5/5/5 Ratings, BB W Lv.3[!], and the "I'd have your pawn again!" comment. Have as much as you like! mwah!

Thanks Darth-Sentius|Odysseus for the 244,252 RC, 5/5/5 Ratings, Vile Wakestone[!], Daimon's Claw[!], Daimon's Horn[!], and the "You have a style about you." comment

Eros says thanks to these fine folk as well:

Gevaldino | Hot Ryu for the 218,125 RC, 5/5/5 Ratings

Zekneros for the 287,193 RC, 5/5/5 Ratings, BB W Lv.3[!], and the "It has been a pleasure." comment

and additional thanks from Valeria goes out to:

cameriera | Nana for the 29,573 RC...but not the body bag.

Dagrimone73 | Me for the 262,291 RC, 5/5/5 Ratings, Large Rank Fish, Kept Ambrosial Meat, and the "Was a vast store of wisdom." comment.

GabrielHFBigBoss | Esther for 23,070 RC ~ but not for the body bag (oh non-OPSC members. feh!)

That's it for now. If there are hires that I haven't worries. Just that I havent been online to play in about a week since I took the last rest stop and will add them as soon as ....ok?

Love To All! xoxoxoxoxox
Kalifani6 | Eros Lv. 200 Mage Valeria Lv.180 Strider

User Info: Gaara_fan

2 weeks ago#305
Elena sends her gratitude towards:

- AliceUnchained4 @AliceUnchained (Player: Yggdrasil) for 1,000,000RC, 1x Bitterblack Gear lvl3, 5/5/5 Ratings and a "It has been a pleasure" comment.

- Flone-Gale22 @scathatch72 (Player: Ashe) for 284,010RC, 1x Wakestone Shard, 5/5/5 Ratings abd a "I pray we'll meet again" comment.

Thank you both for the rift crystals, gifts and ratings, I'll take both respective pawns for a ride today :).
"Prepare to be purified. Divine Assault, Ether Strike!" - Freya, Valkyrie Profile 2
(message deleted)

User Info: scathatch72

2 weeks ago#307
Big group THANK YOU to kalifani6, genesus9, Darth_Sentius, and Gaara_fan for the rents, gifts, and just being cool people!
PSN: flonne-gale22 / Dark Arisen Pawn: Irene (Sorcerer)
PSN: Kresnik_Blue / Dark Arisen Pawn: Ashe (Strider)

User Info: Gaara_fan

1 week ago#308
And Elena will thank again:

- Elena thanks Darth-Sentius @Darth-Simous (Player: Odysseus) for 559,954RC, 1x Scythe Shard and 5/5/5 Ratings. Thank you again :) (Sorry, couldn't write at the time so I forgot what the comment was XD)

- She also thanks Flonne-Gale 22 @scathatch72 (Player: Ashe) for 19,379 RC and 5/5/5 Ratings, as above I couldn't write down the comments XD. Thank you again for the hire and I've noticed your pawn Irene is steadily growing, if you need any equipment or item I can provide to her, be sure to ask.
"Prepare to be purified. Divine Assault, Ether Strike!" - Freya, Valkyrie Profile 2

User Info: kalifani6

1 week ago#309
Valeria and I say thanks to newcomer @scathatch72 - aka - flonne-gale22 | Kyrie for the 62,994 RC, 5/5/5 Ratings, wakestone^_^, veteran's periapt^_^!, and the "Exudes great valor." Very gracious (..and punny ^_^) compliment. lol I really need vet's periapts - Good looking out fam!

PS3 players are very rare here lately and your presence is greatly appreciated.

Lady Rex currently has your Irene on Bitterblack Isle along with @mcwupper's (aka- MeliAssassin) Mia with me farming fiends in the Black Abbey.

Lemme tellya, Irene always comes thru in the clutch....having saved us countless times.

But she reallly needs to stop trying to take on Eliminators head on. lol!
Not as a sorceress at least, as formidable as she is. She's a brave soul I'll grant. But even the also very formidable sorceress - Mia won't go near them. Neither will my arisen actually - ---unless it's one at a time. This as a big bad ferocious warrior! x)

Very hi-larious, but painful and exacerbating results ensue
when they all come at us at once. Outta er'rybody- It is Irene and Lady Rex that keep getting they heads stomped upon and str8 rolled on by all those GD minotaur things at once.

So....needless to say- we just walk back out the door and come back when that trial shows up.

Oh' how I miss my magic bow! lmao
Kalifani6 | Eros Lv. 200 Mage Valeria Lv.199 Strider

User Info: Darth-Simous

1 week ago#310
Greetings to all from Greece ...

Pardon the minor absence from the board ... Everfall-farming doesn't help a man's state of mind been kept in a decent state for making proper posts & TKUs - In other words, Everfall Godsbanning tests your patience and it's limits ... At least, Team-Danika & Team-Deia have said their goodbyes to the "Everhole" for good - and good riddance, i must add ... Oh, yeah, besides jumping in it - occassionally - cause ya know, future playthroughs & stuff ... XD

@kalifani6 , glad to see U back on the Board and sorry to hear U were ill :-( ... And many thanks for your trully nice comments above ^_^ ... BTW, glad to see Valeria finally reached L200 .... Isn't about time to turn her into a Mighty Sorceress, as well? She is build towards Magic, afterall ;-) ... And if U need a "Rusty Strider", U can always hire either Alice's Yggdrasille, or Telemachus ...

@Gaara_fan , U R welcome, friend ... I am sure the comment was "She is adorable beyond words.". Odysseus is a gentleman & rehired Elena again earlier today - paying her the same compliment - but kept his son away from her as possible, because Tele's big sis (Danika) is eager to turn him into a Frog again, if he ever got around into flirting with other ladies, besides his GF Frey (Alice's lovely lady Sorc) ... XD

The Darth kids have been busy the last ten days or so - and apologies for the delay in their TKUs ...

Next Posts following with details.

Many thanks in advance to all...
(Dan) Darth-Simous,(Deia) Darth-Secundus,(Tele) Darth-Sentius,
Twizted Jedi:, Various:
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