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User Info: Darth-Simous

9 months ago#181
Hello again, folks. Damn, this week, being quiet, is quite an understatement ...

A few thank-yous are in order, plus one "Thanks, but No-Thanks" hire to acknowledge.

Deianira thanks:

Arisen: Jasny Gwint ! , Pawn: Ciuciubaba!! (again, not a typo ..), PSN: CEHEHDJE, for: 321,887 RCs, another valuable Vile Wakestone, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the "All the best to you" comment. Deia thanks U again for the hire, friend, your pawn has been re-hired in return & will be re-hired in the future, as long as Deia doesn't get a bad hire. Speaking of which ...

Arisen: Rex, Pawn: Lee, PSN: puppet_puppet_03, gave Deia 1200 RCs, a Small Fish & All 3-Stars Ratings. Needless to say her Save File was reverted & her pride was hurt ... Alcmene wasn't as forgiving this time, as they have a good 300 gaming hours, plus their pawn has already a lot of knowledge, but hadn't been hired before ... as of now, that is, but not in a forthcoming manner... They are JPN players & players from Japan usually don't give other players bad hires - as i don't, as well. It seems that some folks, with Fighter pawns, don't like Deia much ... too bad - for them - they could learn a thing (or two) about what it takes for a pawn to be a good Fighter.

Telemachus thanks:

Arisen: Sable, Pawn: Danika's Arisen's girlfriend, A.K.A. Athena, PSN: N7-Warden, for: 2,420 RCs, Four (4) Portcrystals, all 5-Stars Ratings Four (4) Times, plus Tele's favorite comment "Exudes strength and valor" !

@Twizted_Jedi , your nephew and his father thank U kindly, brother, for the much-needed Portcrystals ! Odysseus told me he is working on a way of placing them in inside Areas - i bet, if anyone can achieve it, that would be him ... XD !!! Tele will be "bombing" all his Twizted pretty cousins very soon - see wut i did, there ?

Arisen: Dominator, Pawn: Rage, PSN: Destructive_Lord, for: 97,050 RCs, a most welcome BBI Armor L.3, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the "It has been a pleasure" comment.

My friend
@Shekhar79 , thank U for the new hire on the "Beast", plus our chat yesterday - it was nice to hear from U again, man .... Rage was on Team-Tele recently, as well, for knowledge & bombz, "Darth-Style"...

Tele still has some early hires to be given to my kind friend,
@AliceUnchained - thank U again, dear Alice , and looking forward to see U back, soon enough !

EDIT: Before forgetting, Tele got his Witchwood 3rd Star recently ! Major credit for this feat goes, as well, to @AliceUnchained & @Shekhar79 , due to them already taken Tele there in their gransys trekkings !! I will be posting details in the near future, on how Tele got it, in case somebody might be interested ...

Cheers to all & try to make some NOIZ, people ....

(Dan) Darth-Simous,(Deia) Darth-Secundus,(Tele) Darth-Sentius,
Twizted Jedi:, Various:
(edited 9 months ago)

User Info: Shekhar79

9 months ago#182
Hello to all of you. Have some hires to report for both my pawns

Rage and Dominator thank

- @Darth-Simous | Darth-Secundus (pawn Deianira) for 1,000,000 RC, Bone Lantern, Scythe Shard, 5/5/5 ratings and Was a font of knowledge.
- @Darth-Simous | Darth-Sentius (pawn Telemachus) for 12,527 RC, Bitterblack Gear Lv.3, Maul's Badge of Amity, Ophis's Badge of Amity, No Honor Among Thieves, Thick as Thieves and 5/5/5 ratings
- @Darth-Simous | Darth-Sentius (pawn Telemachus) for 1,000,000 RC, Bitterblack Gear Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and Always a pleasure.

Fury and Penetrator thank

- @Darth-Simous | Darth-Secundus (pawn Deianira) for 1,000,000 RC, Bitterblack Gear Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and Always a pleasure.
- @Gundam_God | Kenshin1985 (pawn Robin) for 952,493 RC, Bitterblack Gear Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and Was an invaluable asset.

Thank you both for the hires, much appreciated. Your generosity, time and effort are greatly appreciated :)

@Darth-Simous, I am happy Tele got his 3rd Witchwood star. I remember with a shudder how painful it was for Fury to obtain that. I had given up and @kalifani6 (thanks again for this feat ) came to my rescue. Congratulations!
PSN: Shekhar79 | Arisen name : Penetrator | Pawn : Femme_Fury (Lv 200 sorceror)
PSN: Destructive_Lord | Arisen name : Dominator | Pawn : Rage (Lv 160)

User Info: Gundam_God

9 months ago#183
Robin and I would like to thank:

OPSC member(s) ...
- @Darth-Simous | Darth-Sentius (pawn Telemachus) for 1,000,000 RC, Scythe Shard, 5/5/5 ratings and Exudes strength and valor.

Thanks for the hire and apologies for not posting sooner. Spooky on the comment as I just gave the same to Tele.

I've let go of Freyja and Telemachus. Enlisted the help of Wander and Valeria.

Darth-Simous posted...
Hello again, folks. Damn, this week, being quiet, is quite an understatement ...

Indeed very quiet of late though I guess I haven't helped in that regard :o. Also active ps3 players on opsc down to just 26...
Kenshin1985 / Robin / 200 / Ranger

User Info: Darth-Simous

9 months ago#184
Good Evening to all ... Hope there is still some life left, here ... damn :-( ... *Anybody home?* ...

Deianira & Telemachus have a bunch of hires to report, acknowledge & thank-for. Let's get the bad one out of the way, first ...

Deia got another hire from Arisen: Rex, Pawn: Lee, PSN: puppet_puppet_03, 1200 RCs plus default 3-Star Ratings - Body-Bag or not, who knows...

Alcmene was furious this time, and here is the result *REVENGE OF THE SITH*...

Since it was the 2nd - and hopefully the last - bad hire from them, no excuses - IMHO - if they deserved another "Rotten 1* Hire", in return ... If it wasn't the last, Danika has a few hundred tons of rotten meat to put to "good use" & i don't believe they want to find out how many ... Good luck to them & moving on to pleasant hires to be thanked-for ....

Arisen: Jagababy!!!!, Pawn: Ciuciubaba!! (Colorful names ...), PSN: CEHEHDJE, for: 29,022 RCs, another Vile Wakestone, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus the comment "Actively battled foes" (i am glad). Thanks again friend, your pawn has been re-hired, as well ...

Arisen: Cattrah, Pawn: Assmadina, PSN: indigomoonchild5, for: 78,766 RCs, a Wakestone, a Bloodred Crystal, all 5-Stars Ratings Twice, another "Actively battled foes", Twizted's Aria's favorite comment "Was our finest warrior", plus the following picks sent on the console !

Cattrah (Arisen) & Deianira - Photo by (PSN) indigomoonchild5

Deianira close-up - Photo by (PSN) indigomoonchild5

Cattrah (Arisen), Deianira & Assmadina on their way to the Garden of Ignominy - Photo by (PSN) indigomoonchild5

Thank U kindly, friend, for the hires, picks & all your PMs on the console !!! Assmadina & Tolipan (i think they are sisters ?) were hired in return. I will try to take some good picks to send U, as well. Best Regards !

Arisen: Silly_Wizard, Pawn: Full_Wizard, PSN: Fool_Wizard, for: an RC BOMB - 1,000,000 RCs - another Vile Wakestone, a rare Love-In-The-Rough stone, all 5-Stars Ratings, and my favorite comment "I've marked you a favorite" ! Thank U kindly friend, for such a nice return hire ... I will be re-hiring the Wizard again, soon. Kind Regards ...

Arisen: Dominator, Pawn: Rage, PSN: Destructive_Lord, for: another RC BOMB - 1,000,000 RCs - a rare Goddess Cameo, all 5-Stars Ratings and the Master's praise "Employed skills masterfully". @Shekhar79 , thank U my friend for bombing Deia & your kind comments above. Rage was bombed again, as well.

Telemachus thanks:

Arisen: Absalom, Pawn: Alexia, PSN: Absalom90, for: 110,359 + 363,467 RCs, a Wakestone, all 5-Stars Ratings Twice, and the comments "Always a pleasure" & "My thanks". Thanks again, friend, for both hires, Alexia & her sister Ellie were re-hired, as well... Also:

Arisen: Kenshin, Pawn: Robin, PSN: Kenshin1985, for: 597,889 RCs, a rare Ne'er-Do-Part flower, all 5-Stars Ratings, plus Tele's favorite comment "Exudes strength and valor" ! In adition, after closing the hire sheet, Tele got Extra Knowledge, which resulted in his Strigoi 2nd Star, plus his Dark Bishop 3rd Star (!!!). Credit for this goes to both of U, gents, since the hires were on the same sheet ! Much appreciated :-)

@Gundam_God , U R welcome, man ... and indeed no worries about delays & stuff, since we are almost at a standstill ATM ... Robin was "bombed" from her friend Tele, yesterday.

Next post follows with a few more picks
- thanks again to all & be well ...
(Dan) Darth-Simous,(Deia) Darth-Secundus,(Tele) Darth-Sentius,
Twizted Jedi:, Various:
(edited 9 months ago)

User Info: Darth-Simous

9 months ago#185
Here are a few more picks. The 1st one is from (PSN) DexprimeJPN:

Miyuki (Arisen), Makoto & Deianira in BBI Harbor - Photo by (PSN) DexprimeJPN

Thank U again friend, for the pick, and that really nice PM on the console :-)

Has anybody seen a pawn laying around, gazing at the sky ? I don't think i have ... until a few days ago, that is...

Take a look at what brother
@Twizted_Jedi "scooped up" - Deia at Gran Soren fields:

Thanks kindly for these picks, brother ... and BTW, i hope U R well, it has been a while, since me and the Darth kids heard from U ...

Also, on our last questing with Odysseus, Telemachus, Freyja & Rage, i managed to capture Pike's responces, during the quest "No Honor Among Thieves", in case anybody interested:

Anyway, regards to all, keep enjoying Dogma when-where U have the chance & C U in the Rift ... Simon
(Dan) Darth-Simous,(Deia) Darth-Secundus,(Tele) Darth-Sentius,
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: Darth-Simous

9 months ago#186
Fellow Arisens, greetings ...

As some of you already know, CAPCOM has decided to pull the plug on Xbox 360 Dark Arisen:
(the page is age-restricted, just a heads-up.)

Maybe Capcom has better bussiness relations with Sony, than it has with Microsoft, and maybe the game still holds it's own on the PS3, and not on the 360 ... Bottom line is that, DD isn't a "True Online MP Game" and it's Online portion is not generating income for Capcom, thus sooner or later this was bound to happen, moreover "pushing" people to migrate to the next-gen versions of DD ...

And, I don't thing there is any doubt to anyone's mind that our time - on the PS3 - will come soon, as well. Personally, i don't think the - Online portion of the - game on PS3 will make it througout this year, and even that may be (too much of a) wishfull thinking ...

The DD Community will be poorer on March 31st, 2018. For what is worth, remarkable gamers like Ghost of Kirin & Jon Gonzalles - to name a few - showed many of us "How it's done", regarding many aspects of the game, with their amazing skills, but moreover by sharing their knowledge, vids & tips all these years, for the entire DD Community to thrive & better their gaming. They will always have my gratitude & me and my pawns salute them with Pride ...

I will still be playing the game on PS3, whether we still have one, two or just a few more months left, with the PS3 Servers working, sharing our pawns and In-Game stuff, and try to make the most out of it ...

And for those who have never experienced DD in Offline Mode - and i mean actual playing Offline, with generic pawns, not just switching to Offline to battle the Offline UR, or play Offline for short time periods - let me tell you right now it S@CKS, Big-Time ... At least, U can hire your favorite pawns & keep them for Offline playing, when the time comes, but you will be stuck on the same playthrough, and that means NO Hard Mode Resets, NO New Game plus +++, and NO pawn Deaths, since all of these will result in them being lost forever... (and another reason i keep mentioning to back-up your save-files frequently)

So, fellow Arisens, keep playing and enjoying the game while you can or move on - it's your choice, for the moment at least ...

Regards to all ....
(Dan) Darth-Simous,(Deia) Darth-Secundus,(Tele) Darth-Sentius,
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: kalifani6

9 months ago#187
After a two week absence I am glad to be back with much appreciation for the hires and rewards as I was convalescing.

To these wonderful and generous kindrid spirits I say ~ Thank You:


To Darth-Sentius|Odysseus - A very heartfealt thanks for the 1,000,000 RC, Scythe Shard, 5/5/5 Ratings, and the "Always a pleasure." comment. Likewise partner!

and to non-OPSC XxSPLINTER777xX for the 226,188 RC...and not the bb.


To Darth-Sentius|Odysseus - I am touched by your show of love and have a couple hires I'm grateful for to list here ~ 1st. Thank you for the 92,459 RC, BB W Lv.3, 5/5/5 Ratings, and the "All the best to you." comment. ~ 2nd. Obrigado for 1,000,000 RC, Chainmail Bracers(DF), Hydra Gallstone, 5/5/5 Ratings, and the "Was our finest warrior." comment. It is an honor.

@Darth-Simous |Simous First of all I have a way too overdue obrigado for getting my 3rd Hydra star to pop. This was something I meant to tell you and @Shekhar79 for the help with the H-beast and all it's materials a long time ago but it kept getting away from me. My apologies fam.

Next - Thanx for the BB N Lv.3(x10!!), 5/5/5 Ratings and the "I'd have your pawn again!" comment. *blushing* all the way live! ^_^

Thanx to the great THUNDERGOD_72| Dante - @Twizted_Jedi for the BB N Lv.3(x10!! again!yay!), 5/5/5 Ratings, and the "Exudes strength and valor." comment. yesss!

I love're the best!!!
Kalifani6 | Eros Lv. 200 Mage Valeria Lv.173 Warrior
(edited 9 months ago)

User Info: Gundam_God

9 months ago#188
^ Nice to see some activity hehe. This place has been somewhat dead of late. I wonder if the "beast from the east" has affected some of our fellow adventurers?
I still have Valeria with me, would normally have released her by now but i've had next to no chance to play this week. We've litterally done a few runs of black abbey and thats it. :(

Anywho... despite my absence Robin has been a busy girl and would love to thank:

OPSC member(s) ...
- @Darth-Simous | Darth-Sentius (pawn Telemachus) for 1,000,000 RC, Bitterblack Gear Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and Always a pleasure.
- @Shekhar79 | Destructive_Lord (pawn Rage) for 982,947 RC, Veteran's Periapt, 5/5/5 ratings and Excelled in all regards.
- @Darth-Simous | Darth-Secundus (pawn Deianira) for 1,000,000 RC, Bitterblack Gear Lv.3, 5/5/5 ratings and Always a pleasure.

Thank you both. So close to a triple RC bomb! lol

@Darth-Simous troubling news about the servers. Oddly enough i've had a similar warning for another game I play that is online based and playable from both ps3 and ps4 that it too will supposedly end support for ps3 players in the near future. Sounds like this could become the norm until sony pull support for ps3 psn alltogether. I hope not though I guess it is inevitable.
Kenshin1985 / Robin / 200 / Ranger

User Info: Darth-Simous

9 months ago#189
Greetings to everyone, who might still be around here, lurking or not ....

Apologies for my small absence these days - RL kept me quite busy & more occupied than i would like to...

@AliceUnchained , thank U dear gal, for all your latest PMs - will be replying soon.

@densetsu_x , many thanks for your reply as well, my friend - i really hope we can keep our favorite pawns Offline, like i mentioned & we discussed briefly on PM. FWIW, we will find out, when our time - on the PS3 - will come, as well...

@Twizted_Jedi , thanks for your PM on the console, bro - will be PMing U here tomorrow...

@kalifani6 , as always, U R welcome for the hires, Kali. Glad to hear all that effort Odysseus put on trying to 3-Star Valeria's Hydra's was proven fruitful ... and thank U kindly for all your nice words above :-)..I also hope U were able to purify a Ring of Thrift (or two?) already ... If not, send me a shout on the console, to send U more Novelty L.3s ...

@Shekhar79 , thank U in advance my friend, for all the hires and it was nice hearing that Rage's bestiary is growing stronger by the day - the Force is Strong with her ...

@DirtyBaz , it was nice seing U briefly on the PS3 again, bro ... and many thanks for the valuable info on PS4 Game Saves. C U around, man ...

@Gundam_God , U R welcome for the hires, man ... Yeah, it is like the news about the XBOX 360 Servers kicked PS3 DD players harder than 360 players !! FWIW, Sony is on the same wagon as the rest of the Money-Milking companies worldwide - entertainment or not, no matter - they only see hard numbers, not players :-( ... Yeah, i guess it could someday happen alltogether - since PS3 Online gameplay doesn't require PS Plus - but i don't see that happening soon. Sony can try to keep pushing people to the PS4 as much as they want, but the fact remains that the PS3 is one of the most succesful consoles ever & still goes strong on many games - just not the Online portion of them.

Sony is also dropping free PS PLUS Games for the PS3 & VITA next year:

The thing is that there are many gamers who still prefer to buy retail - "physical" - versions of the games (I am one of them, and I have already started building my PS4 Game Collection last summer, never owned a single Downloadable version of any game, apart from those Sony gave away for free, after the PSN was hacked two years ago, if i remember correctly).

So, where do all these lead ? Well, they (Sony) can decide to go in many different directions, like (maybe) making PS PLUS necessary for PS3 Online gaming, but i highly doubt that. DD on the PS4 does not require PS Plus for it's online portion - pawn hiring & UR - unless i am mistaken, but DD on the PS4 will not have the large fanbase the PS3 DD had - and still has, somewhat, at least...

Anyway, i have been checking very frequently the Monthly Top-Rated pawns and have been giving hires to "random" pawns, like i always did, from Deia's account. There are still many players who play DD on the PS3, and due to the console's innate limitation of not been able to show more than 100 IDs on a list, i am pretty sure that i would be able to see a good few thousand (if not more) players, still playing DD actively on our platform....

Like i mentioned above, we can still play DD the "proper" way (Online, that is ...) & nobody - but Capcom and Sony - knows when our plug will be pulled, as well. I know i am still enjoying the game - big-time - though, and hopefully others do, as well ....

Anyway, next post follows with TKUs & picks, a bit over-due, regarding the last days.

Cheers to everyone...
(Dan) Darth-Simous,(Deia) Darth-Secundus,(Tele) Darth-Sentius,
Twizted Jedi:, Various:

User Info: Darth-Simous

9 months ago#190
Here goes the first part of recent TKUs to be given. First of:

Telemachus thanks:

Arisen: Dominator, Pawn: Rage, PSN: Destructive_Lord, for: 155,554 RCs, a highly welcome bunch of Five (5) BBI Armor L.3s (!!!!!), all 5-Stars Ratings Five (5) Times, plus the Master's praise "Employed skills masterfully" ! @Shekhar79 , thank U kindly my friend !! As mentioned in our PMs, Tele & Odysseus finally managed to purify L.3 Torso Armor with nearby health restoration, so many thanks for these Armors, man ... The Beast has more TKUs to give to his friends Dominator & Rage.

Meanwhile, his feisty sister Deia was quite busy these days...

Arisen: Jessica, Pawn: Clair, PSN: TheVector_54, for: 66,303 RCs, a welcome BBI Weapon L.3, and All 5-Stars Ratings. Many thanks for the hire, U have a lovely pawn there, friend - hire was returned....

Arisen: Absalom, Pawn: Marisol, PSN: Marisol_91, for: 36,000 RCs & All 5-Stars Ratings. Thanks for the hire, buddy, already returned to Marisol ...

Arisen: Arwen, Pawn: Altaiir, PSN: ArwenUndomiel67 gave Deia 78,142 RCs and a Body-Bag. So much for experienced players returning courtesy .... they have almost 3000 game hours & they don't bother releasing pawns properly... :-( So, Alcmene won't bother with Altaiir - ever-again - as well ...

Arisen: AHHHHHHH!!!! (NOT a typo...), Pawn: Special Girl, PSN: afancylad, for: 124,647 RCs, a Clean Cloth, All 5-Stars Ratings, plus the praise "Was an invaluable asset". Thanks for be-friending & hiring my Deia, plus your very nice PM on the console, bud ! I sure hope she was a nice bodyguard to your team. Special Girl has already been hired ....

Arisen: Evelyn, Pawn: Cassandra, PSN: Osbaldito_90, for: 40,567 RCs & All 5-Stars Ratings. Thanks for hiring Deia - Cassandra was hired in return.

Arisen: Jagababy!!!!, Pawn: Ciuciubaba!!, PSN: CEHEHDJE, for: 204,568 RCs, a Daimon's Horn, All 5-Stars Ratings and another Master's praise "Employed skills masterfully". Thanks again friend for hiring Deia, and for befriending her - your pawn was re-hired, as well. Best Regards....

Arisen: Jessica, Pawn: Clair, PSN: TheVector_54, for: 105,547 RCs, a Scythe Shard and All 5-Stars Ratings. Many thanks for another hire, friend - beautiful Clair was re-hired, as well...

Last - but not least - i would like to thank Dex for all our chat on the console lately, plus the new picks sent, and ofcource the amazing hires on both Tele & Deia !!! (Tele's TKUs will be given on the next post.)

Arisen: Natsumi, Pawn: Harumi, PSN: Dexprime97, for: 118,061 RCs, an Airtight Flask, All 5-Stars Ratings Twice, the "Always a pleasure comment" (always is), plus the highest praise "Is simply perfect" for Deia !

Here are some picks with Natsumi & Harumi taken from PSN: Dexprime97

Arisen: Miyuki, Pawn: Makoto, PSN: DexprimeJPN, for: 36,130 RCs, a Dragon's Dogma Sword (!!!!!), all 5-Stars Ratings, plus "My thanks" comment. Here are a few picks (taken from PSN: DexprimeJPN):

Miyuki (Makoto's Arisen):

Amazon (Arisen, older incarnation) wielding the Dragon's Flight:

Deia's hire:

Apologies for not having the Dex gals lately on my teams - hopefully the next few days will be easier-going to put some extra gaming hours with them onboard. And apologies-2 if anybody released Dan or Deia the last two days or so and U don't see your name here - will be checking them tomorrow.

Many thanks to all - Telemachus' hires follow ...
(Dan) Darth-Simous,(Deia) Darth-Secundus,(Tele) Darth-Sentius,
Twizted Jedi:, Various:
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