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1 year ago #240
Hola guys!

Two quick thank yous to give.

Valeria is grateful to @Shekhar79 | Penetrator for the 446,410 RC, BB G Lv.3(^_^), 5/5/5 Ratings, and the "Was an invaluable asset." comment. As are you! xoxo

Valeria and Eros have immense gratitude to our newest PS3er @WillyDilly23 | REDDKAMAU20 | William.

First: Ms.V say's merci boku for the BB W Lv.3(^_^), 5/5/5 Ratings, and the "Exudes strength and valor." Congratz to you fam for coming a long way in such a short time! She not even mad your Cass made it to 200 already. (~_^)

Next: Eros Eclair says obrigado for 33,695 RC, Scythe Shard(^_^), Great Dragon Claw(^_^), and the "I stand impressed sir!" comment. Excellent! Make no mistake the feeling mutual. Cass is great.

Unfortunately, with both my accounts there was one 'Invalid' for each pawn. I'm thinking it was apart of those server errors from a few weeks back. feh! Hate it when that happens. However,s'all good-----I still appreciate the love.

You guys stay true! xoxoxoxo

Kalifani6 | Eros Lv. 200 Mage imgur.com/a/ewAs0 Valeria Lv.180 Strider