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    Twizted_Jedi posted...

    Are you going for student of the year or what ! ? XD .. Damn I'm friggin proud of you right now !

    Your last post had more bullet points than a armory at a Marine Corps Base !

    Backfat oil is also one of the best stamina curatives for early levels .. It actually gives you more stamina that Lg Mushrooms . It also sells for a good chunk of gold so It may be more economically beneficial to sell it over making oil flasks or using it as a curative . My point is that it is extremely useful and I'm really glad you brought it up .

    And since were on the subject , Letting meat sour then selling it brings in big $$ as does letting veggies go moldy . As you stated its best to combine water n moldy grapes n apples for wine as a HP curative .

    If you screw up with Ambrosial meat and let it go rotten just combine it with an Airtight flask and Spring water and its now Kept Ambrosial Meat worth a NICE chunk of change .

    Don't forget.. Its best to sell when all 4 party members have the Suasion Augment . This is exactly why i keep it on Rayne . Like I said she's there to help with all aspects of those earlier levels as well as being a leveling crutch .

    Shekky it is so rare on our small Ps3 board these days to have a member and student show the desire , endurance and patience to become teacher .. I can feel a disturbance in the Force ....It is surely Darth and Alice beaming with pride along with me right now . Well fu#kin done sir !

    @Twizted_Jedi , i am sure proud of our friend Shek ... He is a - very - avid player & i am always glad for his PMs on the console ... I am sure Rage will become a full-fledged Sith in no-time & Master Vader will be pleased :-) ... Jokes aside, she is really coming along greatly & i hope she lives to her sister Femme's good fame - see wut i did there ... XD ! - in the Rift !

    TKU's incoming next post - need to transfer some picks at my PC, first ...
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