Ur Dragon Gen 1932

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User Info: WadeTLeja

5 months ago#1

GP started about 10 minutes ago

Pre GP Kill

left wing tip

last 3 or 4 hearts were wing hearts

Thanks to ncc1701epicard for health kick. Also congrats on his Pre GP Kill also

Congrats to all hunters!!

User Info: William_Boone

5 months ago#2
Thanks wade for the call and kick and ncc1701ePicard for the kick too! Congrats wade and ncc1701ePicard on your pre grace kills!

Xant and Sarita got the same 3 hearts, both wing joints and left wing tip.

Congrats to all hunters! :)
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User Info: Shekhar79

5 months ago#3
not one of you could send me PM on console? Really disappointing! Not going to participate in these threads from now on. Bye folks!
PSN: Shekhar79 | Arisen name : Penetrator | Pawn : Femme_Fury (Lv 200, experimenting vocations currently)

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