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User Info: densetsu_x

1 year ago#11
Part 4 / Finale

"Ryan? Are you alright? Wake up," Karasu prodded

"Oh my head," Ryan groaned, "I haven't had a headache this bad since that one night at the alehouse with Trinity and... um... never mind. Where are we?"

"Gran Soren although from the look of things, they've seen better days."

It didn't take Ryan Black long to understand what Karasu had meant. In all his years, he had never seen such destruction before, accentuated by the gigantic hole that half the city seem to have fallen down into. The dark, foreboding sky seemed to want to block out the sun altogether.

"Normally I can make light of almost any situation, but this? Yeah I have nothing," Ryan lamented as he sighed heavily, "And I have no idea why she has it in for you so much but I swear, as long as that thing walks this earth, I will hunt it down and send it back to whatever hell it crawled out of."

"I do not fully understand either why Skye wishes to end me, although I feel like I should. However, she is a threat and I swear to help you stop her no matter how long it takes." Karasu put her arms around Ryan to comfort him, but suddenly both were on their guard. "The ground rumbles from deep within."

"Looks like 'how long it takes' is going to be right now. Steel yourself for combat!"

Skye O'Connell tore through the Everfall chambers and flew out from the crater. Upon spying her targets, she wildly charged at them, swinging in a huge arc.

Karasu leapt over Skye, harmlessly avoiding the wicked blade. Ryan however dove under her, barely avoiding the fatal swing while launching an attack of his own. Skye howled in pain as Ryan found the one unprotected spot of her armor. He smiled at the sight of blood dripping off his daggers, remembering a lesson he learned long ago, "If it bleeds, you can kill it." They would have a chance after all.

Skye fell back, enraged. "ENOUGH! I am through toying with you! For your insolence, this city will PERISH!" She transformed once again, body and form growing in size until she had morphed into a hellspawn undead dragon. Her aura pulsed with pestilence and disease.

"It's the Dragon!" some cried as they ran for their lives in a mad panic, desperately trying to avoid the long black column Skye breathed forth.

Skye circled around, fixating solely on Ryan. He had caused her pain and was about to make him suffer for it as she reared back her head.

"Any suggestions on what do right now?" Ryan asked Karasu, "Demonic dragons weren't exactly covered in the creature handbook."

She didn't answer. Instead, Karasu grabbed Ryan and threw him as far from her as she could before the lethal blast struck its mark. The thick, black spittle wholly immersed the raven; her blood began to burn, her muscles began to harden. Dazed, Karasu fell to her knees.

Ryan watched his love collapse and ran back to her as Skye prepared to breathe again. He scooped her over his shoulder and dove into one of the abandoned shops as the blast of fire singed his boots. As he quickly kicked them off his feet, Ryan hear Karasu cough.

"Thank the maker you're alright, now let's see. 'They're masterworks all, you can't go wrong.' Right, weapons. Should be something here we can use."

User Info: densetsu_x

1 year ago#12
Karasu stood up, not wanting Ryan to see her, and moved toward a barrel full of oil. "We use this," she said.

"How is that going to help?" he asked as he saw the barrel.

"She believes there's no way she can be defeated in this form. If I'm not mistaken though, she adopts the form's weaknesses as well as its strengths." Karasu paused to steady herself. "This will work. With your help, I will make it work, just like you do with Saurians."

"Wait, what? No! If you think I'm going-"

The debate ended when Karasu turned to face Ryan. An ashen grey hue colored her skin with streaks of purple highlighting her veins. Most noticeable to him though were the tears running down her cheeks.

"We don't have a lot of time, Ryan. I'm doing this. Besides, you just want in on the fun, don't you?"

Ryan chuckled in spite of himself. "A joke? Did you really just make a joke?"

"Yes I did," she said before pulling him close and kissing him like there were no tomorrow. "No, I'm not apologizing for that either," she added when she finally pulled away, "Now let us finish this."

Ryan borrowed a staff and made his way outside. With a quick gesture, he called bolts of lightning to strike down upon Skye. While they irritated her more than injured her, Ryan had what he wanted, her attention.

"So this is the 'mighty' Skye?" he taunted, "A creature so inept that you needs to annihilate an entire city just to get at one person? You've managed to kill just about everyone else, but like a poor marksman, you keep missing the target!" Ryan struck her again with another volley of lightning bolts.

Skye flew straight at him in a blind rage. She wanted to break him, body, mind, and spirit, knowing it would break her too.

Karasu knew she would only have one shot at this. She shook off the numbness the best she could as she took a running leap off of the roof of the smithy. The raven crashed into Skye with both her daggers impaling her creator; the barrel shattered, soaking Skye's body and wings with the oil. Slowly, Karasu made her way toward the glowing crystal in her chest.

Ryan Black paused for just a brief moment to watch his love one last time. "Burn on this!"

The fireball struck home, igniting Skye into a fiery inferno. In this form, the flame licked at her very being. Skye knew if she could concentrate, she would be able to return to her true form and recover. However, Karasu was not going to let that happen. As the fire engulfed her, she felt one last surge of strength. Karasu repeatedly sliced and stabbed at the crystal until her muscles could move no more.

Skye O'Connell would find no escape. The raven's blades dealt a mortal wound, the fires consumed the rest of her. The fiery inferno fell from the sky into the depths of the Everfall.

Ryan Black ran to the edge of the crater, watching the final descent until the fires faded from view. As they did, a sparkle in the sky caught his eye. He followed it until the tiny metal object bounced on ground.

The charred remains of a ring lay at his feet.

User Info: densetsu_x

1 year ago#13

"This is not death," Skye said under her breath. Although she had no sense of her bearings and was engulfed in a silent darkness, she still had an acute sense of herself. She did not know how much time passed, but slowly Skye began to notice a faint speck of light far off into the distance shrouded in a haze. A high pitched buzzing pierced her ear, growing louder and more defined.

"Heh heh, ha ha, BWAH HAH HAH HAH!"

"Mara!" Skye snarled as she came to recognize the laughter. She held no love for the succubus and despite her condition, Skye tensed up, preparing for a fight.

"Oh this is rich," Mara said, taunting Skye to take a swing at her, "I mean I don't think I could have planned things and had them come out this good. Not only did Pinocchio cut her strings, but she dumped you into the Terrible Dogfish as well. All I can say is, 'Pathetic.'"

"I will rip your head from its spine you..."

Mara snapped her fingers, freezing Skye into place and lifted her into the air. With a simple gesture, spike and bone were ripped out of Skye's body and sewn together into it.

"I don't know why I wasted my energy to bring you back here," Mara said while Skye screamed louder than she thought possible, "You're so ungrateful."

Skye felt something carve into her face. The pain was like nothing she felt before and she truly wanted to die right there just so it would end. Yet whatever it was that marked her, it was keeping her barely alive.

Mara drew a slender blade and held it up against Skye's right eye. "Oh I know why I brought you here. I was bored and wanted to have some fun. I also want you right now to know something. That whatever skills or powers you may possess are nothing more than dirt at my feet, just like you. Cause here, I'm like the god calling the shots. I can make you and I can unmake you, whatever suits my whims. And you will live to fulfill whatever my whims are, forever! Am I clear, puppet?"

Skye felt crack across the back of her head, sending her to the ground and transforming her back into her human appearance.

"Sigh, I so love blondes, even the fake ones," Mara said as she lifted Skye's face to her own and pressed her lips fully against Skye's. Loathing and revulsion filled Skye while her resolve faded just as fast. Mara pulled away after a long moment before continuing, "Not as horrible as I feared. However, yeah, devil red it will be."

Skye transformed once again into her devil persona against her will and was forced down to her knees.

"Now shall we cause trouble and mayhem upon the unsuspecting?"

Skye could only focus a murderous stare upon Mara as the words were ripped from her lips. "Yes... master..."

User Info: RgXmr

1 year ago#14
Great story densetsu_x!

Wow your pawns have a seriously tough environment lol.

They better practice a lot and be ready :)

It was a pleasure to read and I look forward to other stories!

Talk to you soon!

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User Info: Darth-Simous

1 year ago#15
densetsu_x posted...
A few people have seen the original and it was well received. So, I'm reposting it here with a few minor differences from the original.

First, this is the whole thing in 1 very long topic since it's already completed.

Second, there were some changes to the story in Parts 3, 4 (Finale), and the Epilogue (which was completely redone). This was done because originally there was another story that was planned but never happened and at this point is completely out of date. Further, it now better fits some of the tales in the OPSC thread.

Third, I do have something else planned as well thanks in part to the awesomeness of @Twizted_Jedi and @Darth-Simous so this could be viewed as a very long prelude to that.

Fourth, though not related to the original posting, as mentioned this will be a long posting to get everything out. If anyone wishes to comment, for better or worse (I've gotten both), please just wait til the end. And I hope it is enjoyed.

@densetsu_x , thank U again, my friend, for sharing your story with us & all your time spend for "v2". As mentioned, haven't read it yet, but hopefully tomorrow with a clear mind.
And many thanks for your kind comment above, looking forward to what may else come from you. Cheers, man ...
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User Info: kb2mocha

1 year ago#16
Well done!! Very creative and well-written story. I look forward to reading your future works. :)
Vanilla DD

User Info: densetsu_x

1 year ago#17
Just wanted to say thank you to all who have enjoyed this so far. It means a lot.

It's also a tie in to the next piece which I hope to get done sooner than later, especially with people leaving Tuesday. But more on that soon, although there are hints, crumbs, and tie ins in various threads so I'll probably pull them together too as part of the unintended but worked out better than planned overall conclusion to this story arc.

User Info: krys_strabec

1 year ago#18
I finally got around to read this! The story is good and kept me interested until the end. I liked the love story between Ryan and Karasu. I would like to know a little more about Skye's motivations and why she hates the idea of pawn's gaining their independence (not to mention how she can turn into a dragon! Wow! Where do I get THAT spell?!).

Great story! I'm looking forward to more!
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User Info: densetsu_x

1 year ago#19
krys_strabec posted...
I finally got around to read this! The story is good and kept me interested until the end. I liked the love story between Ryan and Karasu. I would like to know a little more about Skye's motivations and why she hates the idea of pawn's gaining their independence (not to mention how she can turn into a dragon! Wow! Where do I get THAT spell?!).

Great story! I'm looking forward to more!

Thanks. I appreciate it. As for Skye's motivations, well that's part of the plot to the follow up to this which I had hoped to hace finished already but real life and all. I'll ping you when it is done though.

User Info: densetsu_x

1 year ago#20
Yeah still behind schedule but wanted to keep the thread alive until at least the follow-up was done soon(tm).

I appreciate those following along and still pushing me to hurry up. :)
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