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User Info: _ard

5 years ago#1
Ladies and gentlemen, pawns and goblinkin too.

*** Welcome to the Absolute Pawn Contest 2015 2nd! ***


It is the end of the year again (almost), meaning it is THAT time again! You may remember the Absolute Pawn Contest from earlier this year, which was based on the Ultimate Pawn Contest from the vanilla days run by no other than Diceman. If you didn't know yet, this is the absolute contest to decide who is the absolutest pawn of them all! What does the absolutest pawn even mean? Nobody really knows for sure. How do you even decide something like that? Simple. Your pawn will be judged by appearance as well as their aptitude to kill and survive. What’s more, you will get the chance to watch it all happen through recordings of the battles! Thanks to technology that's hardly a unique thing these days, but in here the timer's pressure is weighing more heavily than ever.

Using the feedback from last time several rules have been revised and the set of arenas has been mostly mixed up, to provide a possibly better tournament experience. For the previous iteration of this contest, please refer to the links below. I imagine this is the last time the APC is held using the PS3 for a platform. If the PC port isn't for you, this just might be your last chance to join in.

*** Links ***

APC 2nd - contestants and scores spreadsheet (Excel)

APC 2nd - video playlist on Youtube

1ST 2015 APC official thread:


READ ALL AND READ WELL if you wish to enter. And tell our inactive friends! This contest will take a while, keep an eye on this official APC thread for the latest information and announcements and please keep all the APC threads bumped! Thank you.

*** Part A for Appearance ***

One part of the contest is the appearance contest, which got a pretty big overhaul compared to the last contest. My Mystery Helper will visit all your pawns and capture them as nicely as possible from the status screen. People can vote for the pawn they believe looks the best in five different polls. The number of pawns per poll depends on the number of contestants. The five categories that you can vote for are:

1- Most appealing male face
2- Most appealing female face
3- Best dressed red vocation pawn
4- Best dressed yellow vocation pawn
5- Best dressed blue vocation pawn

Categories 1 and 2 will include pawns of specific genders and will feature shots focussing on a pawn's head. Categories 3, 4, and 5 will include all pawns of specific vocations, focussing on a pawn's attire. So, your pawn will have a chance at scoring points in two appearance categories.

*** Voting ***
Unlike last time where you could vote for a single pawn per poll, this time you can rank your top 5 pawns and award them points. First place gets five points down to fifth place which gets one point. Everybody else gets zero points. You can vote by posting your top 5 in the relevant voting thread.

Example of a vote:
1- Pawn #36 5pts
2- Pawn #12 4pts
3- Pawn #41 3pts
4- Pawn #54 2pts
5- Pawn #27 1pts

!- You can vote only once per category and once you cast your vote, it is FINAL.
!- Your Gfaqs account had to be created before the date of this post in order to be eligble to vote.
!- Solliciting for votes is very likely to have an adverse effect for your pawn and/or any other pawn you are solliciting for. This isn't a popularity contest.
Really average dragon's dogma gameplay: http://bit.ly/1vMnmZ6
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User Info: _ard

5 years ago#2
*** Part B for Battle ***

The other part: combat. Pawns will run through a series of battles to test their ability to kill and survive. Here’s how it works:

*** Battle procedure ***
The Arisen will jump into the arena and aggro all the enemies below and lead them to the pawns. From there on Arisen will drop aggro and the pawns are completely on their own. No commands, no items, no reviving, nothing. A timer will start running as soon as the Arisen lands in the arena.

The battle ends when:
- All enemies have been defeated (victory), OR
- All contestants have been defeated (failure), OR
- The timer reaches its maximum of ten minutes (survival)

I will record all battles and put them on Youtube for your viewing pleasure. They will show pure and unadultered footage of your pawn’s performance, wether it is stellar or horrible. Experience has shown that encoding the footage and uploading are very time consuming tasks. The posting of videos and results may be slow and irregular.

*** Pawn partners ***
My pawn Calista will be there to help your pawns through their battles with a smile. Calista’s build is always the same in every fight. She will be in the Rift with this build for your own testing purposes before the final registration date passes. If she's somehow not, feel free to request she be changed. Her build for the contest is:

Name: Calista
PSN: ardpsiko
Lvl 200 Fighter
Dragon’s Maw / Burst Strike / Shield Drum
Clout / Exhileration / Egression / Perpetuation / Recuperation / Mettle

GF Devilsbane & GF Dread Aspis
GF Siegfried Mask
GF Hellfire Armor (health regen) & GF Dragonleather Vest
GF Hellfire Gauntlets (enchantment prolongation)
GF Hellfire Greave (carry capacity) & GF Silver Hosen
GF Blasphemer's Cloak
2x Savior Ring

Upon entering you can select a couple of preferred vocation(s) (colours) for the other contestant pawn your pawn will fight with. The order you list them in will be your order of preference. Your partner pawn will be randomised, but pawns are seeded depending on the given vocation preferences.
!- You are given no guarantee that your pawn is partnered with a primary, or even secondary preference, but I will try.
!- You cannot select a specific pawn as your battle buddy, pawns never get to choose their allies after all.
!- If you enter two pawns of your own, they will never be paired with each other.
!- Your pawn's battle buddy will be different every battle.

*** Battle arenas ***
After some careful selection, these arenas will be the venues your pawn will suffer great pain or achieve great victory.

Arena of Visible Confusion (VIC)
Difficulty: warming up difficulty
1x Evil Eye (20000 XP) & 1x Lich (4800 XP) that summons Hellhounds (1280 XP)
The new EXA. The heat is on in this arena of magic spam! Deal with the hard to reach bosses quickly, or succumb to the packs of infinite Hellhounds!

Arena of Spiteful Estrangement (SPE)
Difficulty: Full speed murder train
3x Gorecyclopes (26500 XP), 2x Corrupted Warriors (2950 XP), 2x Corrupted Fighters (1950 XP), 2x Corrupted Mages (3150 XP) at Black Abbey
AWE's little brother, just a bunch of dumb Gorecyclopes. It's a race for the best clear time!

The Doghouse (TDH)
Difficulty: blatantly unfair
5x Garm (29000 XP), 2x Hellhound (1280 XP) & 2x Warg (720 XP)
The biggest pack of chaos makes a return and it hasn't been fed in months!

Mini Old Men Musk Arena (MOMMA)
Difficulty: I want my momma!
4x Eliminator (24000 XP) & 4x Banshees (2450 XP) at Black Abbey
The small and less imposing version of OMMA, but somehow a lot more lethal!
Really average dragon's dogma gameplay: http://bit.ly/1vMnmZ6
http://i.imgur.com/3A4sXxe.jpg - http://i.imgur.com/gTwYwAQ.jpg

User Info: _ard

5 years ago#3
*** Scoring ***
Your arena score equals the total amount of points from three things. Your scores will be posted alongside the battle videos of your pawn.

1- Survival Points will be awarded for staying alive to each pawn individually:
Seconds survived from the start until your pawn is downed * 10
!- If the pawns don't go down and clear all enemies within the time limit, they will receive the full 10 minute survival score.

2- Victory Points will be awarded to each pawn for clearing the arena as a team:
Seconds remaining from killing the final monster until the 10 min. mark * 10
!- If Pawn A was downed, but the team went on to clear the arena, Pawn A will receive victory points relative to the time they were alive and kicking. Example, Pawn A lived 4 out of the 5 minutes needed for the team to clear the arena. Pawn A receives an amount equal to 80% of the team's Victory points (2400 of 3000 points).

3- Murder Points will be awarded to each pawn for slaying monsters as a team:
For each slain monster: (Monster base XP / 10)
!- It doesn't matter which pawn got the final blow (including Calista). Each pawn gets the same points for a monster killed, except:
!- Monsters killed through enemy friendly fire do not count! The XP amount must show on screen for the kill to count as a pawn kill.
!- If Pawn A was downed, but the team went on to clear the arena, Pawn A will receive 100% murder points for monsters killed while they were alive and kicking. They receive a percentage relative to the time they were alive for the monsters killed after they were downed. Example, Pawn A lived 4 out of the 5 minutes the team needed to clear two Cyclopes (4k XP each). Pawn A receives 100% points for anyone killing the first Cyclops before going down. Pawn A receives 80% of 4k for the team killing the second Cyclops after going down (400 + 320 points).

*** Ranking ***
Your pawns will be ranked for each poll and arena using the point total they earned in that part of the contest. They receive ranking points for their ranking in that part of the contest. For each ranking the points are calculated as followed:

Ranking points = (Number of contestants – (ranking – 1)

!- If you rank 1st out of 10, you receive 10 points, if you rank 10th out 10 you will receive 1 point.
!- If multiple pawns end up in the same spot due to an identical score, they will all get the same ranking and its points. The next ranked pawn will receive ranking for the spot it is in on the list. Example: 3 pawns place 1st out of 10, they all receive 10 points. The next pawn is the 4th pawn on the list and is thus ranked 4th with 7 points.

*** Final Ranking ***
Your pawn’s final ranking will be determined by adding up all their ranking points from all contest elements. This way a pawn that is hugely succesful in one element won't be able to dominate the rest of the contest. On the other hand, a pawn that experienced a very poor round won't have their final result crippled by just that one round. You have to rank pretty high in all five elements to win the contest.

*** Tie-breakers ***
If two pawns end up with the same score in the final ranking and the owners wish for it, we can determine the better pawn through one of two methods that the owners can pick themselves.

1- A heartbreaking struggle to stay alive the longest during a combat round at Death Metal Arena.
2- A nerve wracking struggle to stay alive the longest in an exciting game of _ard’s Chest Roulette (TM).

The winner of either one of these games will receive an extra .5 ranking point.
Really average dragon's dogma gameplay: http://bit.ly/1vMnmZ6
http://i.imgur.com/3A4sXxe.jpg - http://i.imgur.com/gTwYwAQ.jpg

User Info: _ard

5 years ago#4
*** Registration ***


To make life easy on me and Mystery helper we ask you do not make any more changes after you place your submission. We also ask you keep your pawn uploaded to the Rift as you submitted them to the contest so me and Mystery Helper can access them for business at any time. I recommend you run some tests of your own and/or watch some videos and polls of the previous APC to help prepare your pawn.

!- Pawns must be at least level 150 to enter.
!- A maximum of two pawns can be entered per person.
!- You can enter only one build per pawn. This means your pawn will go through both the polls and the battles in the exact same gear equipped.
!- All skills, augments, weapons, gear and the 2nd inclination fields are optional. If you leave a field blank I will assume nothing is equipped for that slot and as a result nothing will be allowed to be equipped for that slot.
!- If you don’t mention any specific vocation in the preferred partner vocation slot, I will assume you prefer any vocation.
!- You may fill out as many preferred partner vocation(s) (colours) as you want, in the order you prefer them most.
!- Legion’s Might (mage staff) and Tenacity (augment) are banned. Everything else is fair game.

*** Post this template with your pawn’s data in this thread***

1st Incl:
2nd Incl:

Weapon 1:
Weapon 2:
Head Armor:
Torso Armor:
Torso Clothing:
Arms Armor:
Leg Armor:
Leg Clothing:
Ring 1:
Ring 2:

Preferred partner vocation(s):

The closing date for this contest is Friday October 23rd 2015
Really average dragon's dogma gameplay: http://bit.ly/1vMnmZ6
http://i.imgur.com/3A4sXxe.jpg - http://i.imgur.com/gTwYwAQ.jpg

User Info: Skypiercer

5 years ago#5
I can't see my specific, game is not working

Pawn:Death Kiss
Tenfold flurry
Instant reset

Framae Blade G
Revants wail G

Preferably a Mage
PSN: Th3CRQWClass Pawn:[200] [[Ranger]]-DeathKiss

User Info: 500up

5 years ago#6
Do they need to be set up right away or just for the 23rd?
PSN fivehundredup Pawn Summer

User Info: _ard

5 years ago#7
Please set your pawn(s) up right in one go, any time before the 23rd.
Really average dragon's dogma gameplay: http://bit.ly/1vMnmZ6
http://i.imgur.com/3A4sXxe.jpg - http://i.imgur.com/gTwYwAQ.jpg

User Info: air_em

5 years ago#8
Is it a definite that we will get to be paired with the vocation we request?
Psn:air_em Pawn:(^__^) Ranger lvl 200 | Psn:e13supra_star Pawn:(*__*) Sorcerer lvl 200

User Info: YoruPoru

5 years ago#9
YES. I will get my information added here once I get home. Nithron won't be making a return, but Meli and Yoruichi are excited to join. :D
PSN YoruPoru | Apollo - Lv 200 Ranger
The Adventures of the Team of Crazies: http://yoruporu.imgur.com/ | http://theteamofcrazies.imgur.com/
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