when to start ng+

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User Info: DwayneAD

3 years ago#1
How long do you normally hang around post game before conquering the ever fall and moving on? I've taken out offline ur dragon albeit with some higher level pawns courtesy of opsc, and I think I've touched on every level in the ever fall.

Just curious as to what everyone's opinion is.

User Info: Vita_Aeterna

3 years ago#2
whenever you're ready really

I stayed in NG (during post game) for like a month or so because I was farming for items, grinding levels and ranks etc.
moved on to NG+ mostly so I could access Fournival and with that came other benefits (new item stocks at shops, redoing quests, doing new quests etc.)

if you need to rank up any of the vocations, I highly suggest you do it now using the post-game Noble quarters exploit
I regret not getting mage vocation rank to 9, now I have to get through the entire game for the augment attunement for my Arisen and pawn
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User Info: DwayneAD

3 years ago#3
Yeah I was wondering on the benefits vs downfalls of starting ng+ is it worth grinding the ever fall anymore with bbi?

User Info: naviney

3 years ago#4
As a pure str class i started clearing bbi at lv50-55, but for the second encounter of the last boss i got some troubles (i guess because i wasn't with all the correct stuff), ever fall is just good for wakestones/knowledge of enemies (some rare enemies are only here, e.g arch-hydra), but for knowledge i prefer to bring my pawn to max level so she can last longer in fight; as for the gear, everfall is quite useless or at the very least the only thing that can have some use in bbi is the dragonblood which gives resist to various status ailments; if you can beat the ur offline alone or with your main pawn, then i would suggest to just farm him for money and free exp, and then move to bbi to farm end game gear.
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