Renting Issues

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User Info: Jules_McGrules

3 years ago#21
DwayneAD posted...
I keep Thaliah with me forever, sorry Jules.


Doesn't bother me one bit, fella. X) I only hope it was time well spent.
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User Info: Sparkey528

3 years ago#22
bunnyrebellion posted...
if mikasa dies in the line of duty, I do not mind, in fact, I do not give it a second thought.

we have enough RCs to last us a good long while. we don't need any more.

gift(s) not necessary whatsoever. if someone chooses to gift something that is fine, anything will do, a rock can be thrown.

this game is also suitable for someone who plays very slow and enjoys the scenery (like me), but that doesn't translate into RC or loads of fancy equipment or armor.

the beauty of this game is loading out with other pawns for every mission. it makes for a different experience every time, against every set of enemies and during every quest. it can be awesome or funny & frustrating, depending on what you are trying to do.

if you need something, just ask, if I have more than one, I will give you that item, no questions asked, no strings attached, no expectations or acknowledgement necessary.

just shoot me a message if you are a gamer that needs something in DD:DA; i'll see what I can do.

other gamers have been extremely generous to mikasa and it is the least I can do to "pay it forward" since their pawns and the equipment and things that we received helped us to win difficult battles, complete quests, gain knowledge stars, everything.

I was VERY remiss in thanking other gamers because I simply did not know how to determine which gamer gifted what in terms of items received, armor equipped or what half of the stuff we received was even used for. I was constantly looking stuff up on the wiki "what's this for?".

anyway, the other gamers have been very patient with me, and understood that I was having so much fun playing, that I neglected to thank anyone, to write anything down, I had no clue about the other OPSC website or how to use it. still learning more every day.

time to get back to playing.

it's a game, shouldn't we all be having fun?

Wow, when I went to bbi for the first time I didn't take any pawns for fun, now bbi is harder part 3/3 is a tough area with death spawning about. Wish I could use the come command lol. I have figured out what people can use when I send gifts, consumables seem to be effective since even experience d players can use them.
Psn Sparkey5280 Pawn Yurick Fighter/Warrior He is a Mitigator/Challenger. Level 112
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User Info: GAMERKS

3 years ago#23
there are tons of gifts to send. blessed flower, ne'er-do-part are my favorite ones. i send arisen bond to my better/close friends. most gifts are like symbols and people understand my gesture and gift selections.
people i dont know receive useful gifts like port crystal, level 3 items (depending on level) or rare material. be creative, i'm more happy about thoughtful gifts rather than BBA3 items.
when I'm not feeling well last week i receive a rent with lots of curatives and all the best to you comment. that was such a nice gesture, thanks dork_arisen :)
about curatives, i dont need them (except for pawns) but spring water is a cheap but useful item to gift and everybody could affort it.

be grateful and try not to forget who helps you, being generous and people reminding you when choosing pawns.
GT/PSN RohrGamer, Pawn Nicki OPSC (by YoruPoru)
PSN Micster1975, Pawn sheryll OPSC (by YoruPoru)

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