Ur Dragon Gen 597

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User Info: ACasser

3 years ago#101
288 kills and I can finally claim this: pre-grace kill

Killed the heart on his spine, Fingered the front right foot. Never felt so gratified hearing "you are worthy" in two years of hunting.

User Info: YoruPoru

3 years ago#102
Back, left shoulder, 1 neck, right forearm, right foreclaw, right wingjoint. 6 Hearts.

Thanks for the call and congrats ACasser on finally getting a pre-grace kill!
PSN: YoruPoru, Pawn: Apollo - Lv 200 Ranger
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User Info: nhankins7

3 years ago#103
congrats ACasser :)
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User Info: Dork_Arisen

3 years ago#104
YoruPoru posted...
Back, left shoulder, 1 neck, right forearm, right foreclaw, right wingjoint. 6 Hearts.

Got this one.

Thanks and congratulations ACasser!

congrats to everyone!
PSN: Happy_The_Madcow Pawn: Freya level 200 Ranger
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User Info: InfernoRodan

3 years ago#105
4 hearts on mine: Neck, back, right forearm, right hand.
InfernoRodan - Stella, lvl 200 Strider | InfernoRodan2 - Luna, lvl 200 Mage | InfernoRodan3 - Sol, lvl 200 Fighter

User Info: DetSlicker

3 years ago#106
That's the one I got too. Congrats ACasser!

User Info: brkbrkbr

3 years ago#107
This gen wasn't for sorc - heart on the back is "unaimed".
Congrats to all!
PSN: brkbrkbrk / Pawn: Viper - warrior 200
PSN: brkbrkbrk2 / Pawn: Vic - ranger ~140

User Info: GAMERKS

3 years ago#108
ACASSER, gratulations and thank you for the call ! getting a pre grace kill is difficult and requires luck. i have plenty of pre grace kills on vanilla DD but took me very long in DA. i was surprised getting 2 killing blows (first killer) in a row with my alt ! good job =D

big thanks to Vic and Karina for specious support !

gratulations all :)
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