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User Info: Karmikazzee

3 years ago#41
Ever wondered how inclinations work? Yeah, who hasn't! An absolutely amazing and very informative thread on the mechanics of inclinations.

Incredible work by brkbrkbr

Also a very good one on the same subject from the xbox board.
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User Info: BazaarD

3 years ago#43

SAVE – Save often. Checkpoint saves are especially good if you mess a mission up. Like the gold idol mission.

PAWN DEATHS – aka Body bags. The best thing to do when a pawn dies is Godsbane and do it again. Get into the habit of checking on your team before saving or triggering an autosave. If Godsbaning is not possible re-hire and release with 5/5/5 before resting.

GODSBANE – Easily overlooked. Vastly speeds up the quit/reload process. Especially useful when farming chests. Ask for one if you don’t have one. The sender can buy one back from The Black Cat.

WYRMKING’S RING – Great for magical characters. Speeds up casting. Ask for one if you don’t have one. The sender can buy one back from The Black Cat.

NE’ER-DO-PART – The best curative in the game. Fully restores health and stamina of entire party. Cures all debilitations of the party and casts Impervious (immunity to debilitations) on them which lasts for 90 sec. Max 10 each playthrough, the rest have to be duplicated at 58,500 gold each. Follow Quina’s questline for them.

BLESSED FLOWER – Doubles XP and DP. Lasts for one game day then dies. Can be put in storage and refreshed after 3 full days rest, some are bugged. One opportunity per playthrough and you have to duplicate it at 180k. Follow Quina’s questline for them.

FORGED GOLD IDOL – Saves you money when you buy stuff in Gran Soren. Given that Blast Arrows are on sale in Gran Soren this can save a lot of money. Same for BADGE OF MERIT. They don’t stack.

PERIAPTS – Stack up to 4 at a time. Same for Salomet’s Secret and Tagilus’s Miracle. Very handy vs Daimon and UR. Sold by Fournival post dragon in infinite amounts.

LIQUID VIM – Maintains your current stamina for 45 seconds. Great as a gift. Always carry some on your Arisen. Pawns will quickly waste it. Sold in post dragon Everfall. Also various combinations eg: Sour Ambrosial Meat + Pickled Mushrooms.

INFLECTION – This augment is bugged and doubles damage received. Do not equip it. Don’t even buy it.

INCLINATIONS – Some inclinations are bad like Guardian. Your pawn not getting hired? Probably your inclinations. See the following wiki link for more:

EARNING RC FOR HIRES – Farm Death. See the posts on this in the One stop DD:DA info, tips and tricks FAQ:

ENHANCING – You do not need to enhance gear to 3 stars to get it dragon forged. Just get it to 1 star and fight a Cursed Dragon. They have the highest chance of dragon forging. You will save a lot of time and money this way.

MATERIALS – Always keep one of every material. That way you can duplicate them if you need to. Do not enhance something if it uses your last material.

EARNING GOLD – The best way really is to just play the game. Clear out The Ancient Quarry/Soulflayer Canyon/Bluemoon Tower and sell everything you don’t want. Early game killing lots of oxen and allowing the meat to sour can make good money.

SUASION – Increases the selling price of goods you sell. Only sell when you have all 4 characters equipped with Suasion. Can be replaced by RING OF THRIFT later but doesn't stack.

STAT PLANNER – You don’t have to play with stat growths in mind but if you do this tool is very helpful:

BESTIARY – To make your pawn more effective you can look at improving your bestiary. I found the wiki the easiest to read:

User Info: BazaarD

3 years ago#44


Load up your arisen with several rancid bait meat and Conqueror's/Demon's periapts.
Enter/exit to main BBI entrance to reload till Wraiths and Strigoi appear.
Kill all the Wraiths and Strigoi and clear the bridge of treasures if you like.
Now exit back out of the FOR and re-enter. Wait for saving to finish then save again near the door.
Drop a rancid bait meat at your feet and walk to the wall ahead.
Look over the wall and see if Death spawns near the alcove.
If he does SAVE. If not reload (you can walk down to the bridge here and he will spawn but that's not what we want right now)
Sometimes when he spawns here he will retreat into the alcove and get stuck in the corner.
Godsbane and reload till this happens.
When he gets stuck in the corner run down to him but don't get too close.
Hit him with light attacks (preferably with a magic character) as we don't want to stagger him. He won't attack you if you do it right. Miasma works too. (Use up to 4 periapts here to speed it up.)
Keep hitting him till he is down to a small bit of his health left. Then STOP.
Exit FOR and re-enter. Wait for saving to finish then save and quit to title.


Reload and walk to the wall.
Peer over, if he spawns, save, if not run downstairs and he will spawn, save.
Now kill him.
I wait for his death animation to finish then Godsbane. (Strange I know but just do it)
Reload and kill him. Collect goodies. Exit and re-enter FOR. Wait for saving. Save and quit to title.
Reload, replacing the rancid bait meat if evaporated, walk to the wall.
Peer over and save if he spawns, if not run downstairs and he will spawn, save.
Kill him, Godsbane, reload, kill him, exit/enter, save to title, repeat ad nauseam.

He should keep re-spawning at the tiny amount of health you left him with earlier as long as you Godsbane after the first kill in each sequence and save quit to title. I am sure some of the above steps are unnecessary but I have found this reliable. Incorporate blessed flower (and killing main pawn if desired) to improve RC for your hires. You also don't have to take his drops, you can reload and re-kill until you get what you want. BBA3 and BBW3 are rare.

Credit to BraveDeserter on YouTube.

User Info: Syzix

2 years ago#45
Ammends to the pre daimon death exploit.. I found that you get her to low hp, then run into sparyard, run back out, save when you hear the bells, godsbane and retry, kill and loot, if she didnt drop what you wanted, godsbane and kill again, then run into sparyard, run back to death, save and repeat.
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User Info: cjchartier

2 years ago#47
The Sinew Augment

It was suggested that I post this here, as some of the newer players aren't aware of what a difference this can make for them in getting their pawn hired.

As someone else said, Sinew is the ultimate "team/player" augment. It's important for the pawns in your party to be able to carry their own weight, and not get weighed down (no pun intended) by the curatives you give them, or the materials they collect. A slow pawn is a dead pawn.

Sinew is fairly easy to get, as you only have to reach vocation level 5 as a Fighter in order to unlock it. It's even easier if you're post-game, after having defeated the Dragon, and can use the Duke's guards to "farm" augments. I have a post earlier on in this thread with detailed instructions on how to do it.
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User Info: RaiosRogue

2 years ago#48
Guys check out my Pawn Izalith Auronia you won't be disappointed Level 200 Vocation Ranger
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User Info: prophet

2 years ago#49
AliceUnchained posted...

If you are trying to complete "Trappings of Evil", you don't need to purify all that armor yourself. As long as you rent pawns that are wearing it, and you make sure to highlight each piece of armor so it no longer says "new" it'll work. Occasionally I've had to purify one more BBA3 after, but not always. I just finished the quest up on my 2 newest accounts for that sweet Savior Ring.
Check out this thread:
Pawns geared up in Blasphemer, Grave, and Shadow. All the info is in the thread. Enjoy your new savior rings everyone.

For some reason, that link only navigates to the board itself, not the TOE topic. (I spy an extra "3" on the end.) Right link is here:

Even so, thanks for posting the tip, Alice. That thread's a tad hard to find, among the sea of identical topics.
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User Info: gwwak

9 months ago#50
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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