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User Info: Karmikazzee

4 years ago#11
Looking for info on inclinations for your pawns? Try this.

Thanks to Karathrax for this. :))
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User Info: frogwalloper

4 years ago#12
Losing Hired Pawns to the Rift

Few things in Dragon’s Dogma are more frustrating than losing a pawn to the rift. Battles can become more difficult when the team is down a member. Returning to a riftstone to rehire or replace the pawn can be a chore. Players also miss out on the opportunity to manually release the pawn with ratings, a gift and a comment. Instead, the pawn’s owner receives a default rating of 3/3/3. Some players don’t really pay attention to their ratings and may not mind, but many do. Losing the opportunity to complete a hire is particularly painful when a player is attempting to return a generous rent or complete a hire for another active player or a member of the OPSC. This guide is intended to help players who wish to avoid returning a hired pawn with default ratings.

There is a difference between a dying pawn and one that’s lost to the rift. A dying pawn lies on the ground shrouded in a bright haze. The symbol of a skull appears beside its empty health bar. That pawn can be revived by approaching it and pressing O. A pawn that’s lost to the rift is gone. It doesn’t show up on the map. It is no longer available in the party list when you press select. It has been completely removed from the party – returned to the rift. Upon resting, the default ratings will be uploaded to the server even if the pawn is rehired from a riftstone.

In some cases losing a pawn can be difficult to avoid, but most of the time it can be prevented. In the event that pawns are lost, it is possible to retrieve them and overwrite the loss and default ratings.

User Info: frogwalloper

4 years ago#13
There are thirteen ways that a pawn can be lost to the rift.

1) Sacrificial Bolt/ Great Sacrifice. This attack available to the Magick Archer is charged at the expense of a pawn’s life. A randomly chosen pawn in your party will be instantly returned to the rift with default ratings.
2) Bleeding out. When a pawn runs out of health, it will cry out then fall to the ground. Revive the pawn before its consciousness bar runs out.
3) The brine. If a pawn ventures too far into deep water, it will be consumed by the brine. Avoid fighting or exploring near areas with deep water. Consider saving before approaching such areas.
4) Falling out of bounds. Leaping or falling into deep chasms such as those found in the Black Abbey or the Midnight Helix will return pawns to the rift. Draw the fight away from these chasms. Aim the camera away from these chasms when opening chests. Save before approaching such areas.
5) Swallowed. A pawn that has been swallowed by a maneater or a member of the hydra family will eventually be sent to the rift unless it is saved. Attack the maneater. Remove the hydra’s head to free the pawn.
6) Possession. A pawn possessed too long by a member of the ghost family will fade into the rift. Attack the ghost to chase if off. Be wary of wraiths (red ghosts found on Bitterblack Isle). They are more aggressive than their relatives and can drag a pawn into the rift with greater ease.
7) Possession upon Death. If a pawn is unlucky enough to die in the presence of a wraith, it can be possessed and dragged into the rift immediately. Focus on eliminating wraiths whenever they’re encountered. They are particularly dangerous when accompanied by dragonkin as a roar will instantly kill pawns and place them in jeopardy of being possessed and instantly rifted (credit Karmikazzee).
8) Petrification. If a pawn is afflicted with petrifaction, it has a limited amount of time to cure itself, or be cured by another before it shatters and returns to the rift. Give pawns without resistance an item such as Secret Softener, Cockatrice Liquor, Panacea, Ne'er-Do-Part, or Sobering Wine before setting out. When used by the Arisen, items such as Cockatrice Liquor, Ne'er-Do-Part, or Sobering Wine will remove afflictions from affected pawns. High Voidspell is also effective.
9) Petrification + Mortal Damage. If a pawn’s health is reduced to zero while it is under the effects of petrification, it will return to the rift. If a pawn has low health, is afflicted with petrification and is in the process of attacking a strong foe (so unable to use a potion on itself), use Cockatrice Liquor, Ne'er-Do-Part, or Sobering Wine to prevent its loss to the rift in case it sustains a mortal blow.
10) Death. Any pawn caught by Death’s scythe, will return to the rift. Save before entering areas frequented by Death.
11) Daimon’s Vortex. Any pawn caught in Daimon’s Vortex will eventually be drawn into the rift. Many pawns that are returned with default ratings are lost because of this attack. Save before entering Bitterblack Sanctum. If you have not fought Daimon before, or are consistently unable to save pawns from his Vortex, consider releasing them before entering the Sanctum. There is a rift stone just outside the Sanctum.
12) Completing Quince’s Quest - Fathom’s Deep. Any hired pawns in your party will be returned to the rift with default ratings upon completion of this quest. Releasing all hired pawns before completing this quest will give you the option of releasing them normally.
13) Exceeding the Gift Limit. The limit on gifts and equipment is ten. At that point you must rest. Otherwise, the hires, comments, gifts, rift crystals and ratings will be lost, and the pawn will be returned with default ratings.

User Info: frogwalloper

4 years ago#14
Everybody loses a pawn to the rift now and then,
especially when fighting Death and Daimon.

As stated in the Pawn Hiring & Sharing Faq located at the top of the board, reverting to a save will retrieve a lost pawn, and cancel the default ratings. There are two ways to do this.
1) You can exit to the title screen without saving and try again from your save file. It will load your most recent save.
2) If you have the godsbane, you can use it, then select retry. It will load your manual save. Alternately you can load your last checkpoint save. This will return you to the last time you were at an inn, a riftstone, or in some cases the last time you crossed from one area to another. As long as the pawn is still alive in your save file, it will be in your party when you reload the file. The default ratings will be cancelled. The entire process takes about 25 seconds.

Many players return to a rift stone after losing a pawn. They rehire and release the lost pawn with 5/5/5 ratings. This does not in fact delete the 3/3/3 ratings that will be uploaded to the server upon resting. It merely hides them from the pawn’s owner. (credit: Karathrax; GAMERKS).

User Info: Karmikazzee

4 years ago#15
Very well put together Frogwalloper. But just by the very nature of this thread, you really should have created a new thread, then just put the link here. But it's a minor detail and still, nicely done. :))
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User Info: m_artist200

4 years ago#16
Fast Climbing
When grappling large enemies, its often faster to "jump" up them rather than climb.

In order to do this, grab the creature. While you're clinging to them, hit the jump button; your character will shoot directly upward. While in mid-air, hit the grab button again and, if done correctly, your character will grab onto the creature before falling to the ground. Obviously, this is more useful for dealing with enemies like a cyclops or ogres as you need to climb straight up, but less useful for creatures like chimeras.
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User Info: krys_strabec

4 years ago#17
How often do people rent and return pawns? Are quick hires and releases all right from lower level players? It says:

Note: Many new players are concerned that they received a huge amount of RC or expensive gifts from a high level player & don't feel they can adequately repay them. Most high level players have lots of RC & items so a bunch of quick hire & releases with some inexpensive items is more than adequate & is fast & easy for you.(This helps with their ranking & ratings

I seem to returning rents slowly because I keep pawns for a while. But someone said they rented and released about 50 pawns in a week! I manage barely 4!

I really would like to know.
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User Info: Karmikazzee

4 years ago#18
krys_strabec, there is no right or wrong way, or amount of time, to rent a pawn.

The message you quoted was just for people [especially from the pawn sharing club] who feel guilty about some of the high RC and item rents they receive from other higher level players, as at a lower level they can't reciprocate with the same. It was just to let them know people understand that and aren't expecting a ton of RC or such from them.

But if you like hanging on to a pawn for a long time, by all means do so. You should play the way you enjoy. The only thing to be aware of is when you have pawns at a fair bit higher or lower level then yourself, it effects how much exp you receive. Having a pawn much higher than yourself will cause you to level up slower while having one lower will cause you to level up faster. This caps off at 25 levels above or below you. I believe it's 1% per level, but I'm not positive about that.
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User Info: LeidolfVald

4 years ago#19
Anyone has any idea how to get three star for golden knight and griffin? I've killed many but no avail
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User Info: Id-in-use

4 years ago#20
Apart from killcount, your pawn typically needs to witness the following in battle, Silver Knight resurrecting a Golden Knight and Golden Knight resurrecting a Silver Knight 10-15 times, attacking with ice, lowering the Silver Knights defence with a Dragon's Roost shield by perfect blocking or a shield attack, and possibly grabbing (Fighter or Warrior) according to this document.

Edit* For Griffin, killcount and knowledge needed under its respective tab in the spreadsheet.
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