Low level pawn sharing

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User Info: LonelyPhantom

3 years ago#141
PSN: LonelyPhantom
Pawn Name: Sera
Level: 12
Vocation: Strider
Inclination: Utilitarian / Challenger / Mitigator

Feel free to add me as a friend.

User Info: Evil_Sandwich

3 years ago#142
Jobra posted...
PSN - Jobra_Commander
Pawn name - Art
Level - 42
Vocation - Warrior
Inclinations - Mitigator/Scarther
Skills -
Primery - Indomitable Lunge, Corona Slash, War Cry
Secondery - NA
Gear -
Weapons - Triple Tooth Lv2
Head - Iron Helm Lv2
Chest - Swordsman's Shirt Lv1 & Swordsman's Plate Lv1
Hands -Swordsman's Bracers Lv2
Legs - Swordsman's Pants Lv2 & Swordsman's Greaves Lv1
Cloak - Swordsman's Mantle Lv2
Rings/earrings - Baleful Nails

Note - if anyone want to hire me that would be fantastic, I am just starting out so any pointers in what I should be doing to improve my pawn would be amazing. feel free to add me on PSN.

I could send you level 3 BBI stuff tbh

trying to max all vocations at the moment though (taking forever)
3DS Friend Code: 1349 - 6994 - 1555
Friend Safari Poison: Kakuna, Ariados, and Muk; PSN: FatSabreToothCat; Pawn: Mistwalker (level 200 Sorceress)

User Info: DwayneAD

3 years ago#143
Anybody low level send me a friend request and u can use my lvl 61 sorcerer pawn for freeeeeesssss

User Info: Mashiyyat

3 years ago#144
I have a level 2 fighter im holding off on and a level 45 Sorcerer.

Right now im trying to get a few vocation levels in other classes for her so she prob wont be helpful but when i eventually change her back her name is Alice and my PSN is Mashiyyat(two ys).

User Info: _andy

3 years ago#145
PSN: a-a-andy
Pawn: Elizabeth
Vocation: Ranger, (level is 28)
Inclination: Scather/Challenger
Skills: Hundred Kisses, Cutting Wind, Instant Reset, Deathly Arrow, Tenfold Flurry, Spiral Arrow

PM me your PSN user either here, or through PSN. I have a few dozens of random friend requests (from call of duty) that I haven't been bothered deleting.

User Info: Megaturtle

3 years ago#146
PSN: Prismturtle
Pawn Name: Miremel
Level: 46
Vocation: Mage

Feel free to add me, Message me if you want to cross hire each others pawns

User Info: thetriad123

3 years ago#147
PSN: Ayasakikun
Pawn Name: Hinagiku
Level: 24
Vocation: Warrior
Inclination: Scather/Aquisition
Freedom Wars: Toronto Panopticon - Hayate "Butler" Ayasaki

User Info: Darkmage2x

3 years ago#148
Hope she helps anyone out well! Much appreciated if you do hire her!
PSN: SN-Chalmers
Pawn Name: Yuelia
Level: 52
Vocation: Warrior
Inclination: Scather/Mitigator
FC: 2337-5197-6544 Steven of Sleepy

User Info: m_artist200

3 years ago#149
....so I screwed up my arisens build. Horribly. Lesson learned; 30 levels of magic knight before level 100 is a sure way to screw your stats up.

SO. Here comes pawn number...what, 4? 5? On the upside, my last sorc-pawn experiment gave me a better idea of how to set up my next pawn...

PSN: msterswrdsmn
pawn: Tsubaki
Level: 40
Vocation: Sorcerer
Inclination: Challenger/Utilitatrian/Mitigator
Primary Skills: Bolide/Gicel/Seism (normaly I have Maelstrom instead of Seism, but maelstrom is not melee-arisen friendly)
Secondary Skills: High Maisma/High Voidspell/Fire Affinity

Style: She's a cannon. An aggressive frigging cannon. She'll spend the first few seconds buffing people, then start firing big spells off. If you're a sorc, she'll mirror your spells when possible. I haven't upgraded her attacks to the high versions as she lacks the augment that speeds up casting time. Still powerful enough for her level, and more than enough to get you around on pre-postgame Gransy's.
Slow down, buddy! Just because people can read it doesnt mean it isnt crap! - Kailat777
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