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User Info: Dantdelion34

2 years ago#491
Hello everyone, I'd like to join the club if allowed. My pawn informations are in the signature. I still haven't the godsbane though...
PSN - ArumatTanathos
Pawn: Arectaris - Level 46 Warrior - Dark Arisen

User Info: kalifani6

2 years ago#492
Thanks from Areva goes to Blanky XP for the 1,000,000,000 RC(@__@), BB W Lv.3 & the 5/5/5 rating.

Thanks also to Will aka wlnvlb for the 390,016 RC, BB W Lv.3 & also 5/5/5 rating.
Kalifani6 / Obero/Arisen Lv. 200 / Areva Lv. 196 / Sorceress
(edited 2 years ago)

User Info: duzyyy

2 years ago#493
Hello, new to the DD:DA here.. I'm level 59 sorc with a level 58 warrior pawn.

Can anyone be awesome enough to assist in providing my pawn/me substantial rc, weapons or godsbane or even a blessed flower. Thanks in advance. :)

psn: Duzyyy
character name: Barthandelus
pawn: Gizmodel

User Info: Kayblue86

2 years ago#494
Hi. I just started playing DD:DA.

PSN: Kelly_4-2-0
character name: Beatrix - Strider lvl 18
Pawn: Lily Shielda - Fighter lvl 18

User Info: DivineHorse

2 years ago#495
Hello, just ended up getting hooked into the game again after trying to do a quick play of it. No idea on what I should be working on in the game atm, but I haven't killed Daimon 2.0 yet and still looking for tier 3 armor sets. Also running very low on Rift Crystals, it'd be a great help if someone decided to hire my pawn so I can get more stuff purified!
PSN: Goat_RR
Dark Arisen: Mage Lvl 85
(edited 2 years ago)

User Info: Dantdelion34

2 years ago#496
Thanks from Cassiopeia goes to:
OPSC members
Isha - Codomomythos - 83576 RC - gardner's permit, bitterblack armor lv 3, bitterblack weapon lv 2, enemy knowledge x 10, place knowledge x 1 - 5/5/5;
Grifs Astoni - Goat_RR - 29614 RC - scythe shard, bitterblack gear lv 1 - enemy knowledge x 2, place knowledge x 1 - 5/5/5;

Non OPSC members
Yun - Eddysan92 - 258612 RC - alluvial ore - enemy knowledge x1, place knowledge x1 - 5/5/5

Thanks you all guys for hiring!!!
PSN - ArumatTanathos
Pawn: Arectaris - Level 123 Warrior - Dark Arisen
(edited 2 years ago)

User Info: WickedMagus

2 years ago#497
add Zeref93 you can use my 1-10 mage 11-200 sorcerer pawn :)

User Info: IgoCab_Light_

2 years ago#498

PSN: ErzaScarletTitan (2nd acc)
Arisen: Lightning, Level 177 (Ranger/Strider/Sorc)
Pawn: Snow, Level 177 (Fighter/Warrior)

pls hire my pawn bc i ran out of RC lol

(Disregard Sig, It's been a long time since I went online)
PSN: ErzaScarletTitan (Arisen: Lightning Lvl 149 MA/Ranger)
Pawn: Snow (Saber) Lvl. 149 Warrior (too lazy to dragonforge his Angel's Fist xD)
(edited 2 years ago)
(message deleted)

User Info: Flipinusername

2 years ago#500
First of all hello. Second i am in a predicament my ps3 needed to be formated and i lost my save. So i f there is someone with a high lvl pawn to send me a friend request so i can get back what i lost. Pretty please. PSN: Flipinusername (yeah) Arisen Currently lvl40 sorc(for now gonna make him a mag archer) pawn: lvl40 sorc. I really hope someone helps.
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