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User Info: daelonduluc

2 years ago#481
Karmikazzee posted...
Silencerww You should know almost nobody ever reads the posts for hires in this thread. Best bet if you want help is to join the pawn sharing club. The "only" commitment you have to make as a member is to post thanks for the hires you get. You don't have to return every hire you receive and you will find they are a great bunch of people that love helping out others. They'll also help you learn how to make you pawn attract more hires, with the right inclinations, etc.

Also if you need any items or equipment, post what you're looking for in the "Looking for items? Equipment?" thread. Again you'll find people very happy to help and not looking for anything in return.

Long long time ago when I first started looking on this board was very nervous about joining the pawn club, best thing I ever did.

Great advice. And very true.
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User Info: Silencerww

2 years ago#482
yes know that Karmikazzee but my internet is not stable it comes and goes due to my job since I have to travel. so I might not get on for weeks or months though sometimes I am able to get on daily. I was just asking for help getting restarted (well now more like mid range gear) not top end stuff.

User Info: Karmikazzee

2 years ago#483
Well still post in the opsc, explain that, and that your hiring will be very sporadic at best that's why you're not officially joining. They will understand and will still help. Like I said no one looks here. I only noticed because get alerts when people post in my topics.

Not playing Dogma anymore or would help out myself. Good luck! :)
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User Info: Silencerww

2 years ago#484
LOL No one is helping so FREAK IT! I am quitting the game.

User Info: xanfei

2 years ago#485
Hello everyone, new here. I´m starting Dark Arisen, I know I´m a bit late to start this game :D
Well anyways I leave here my info aswell.
Cya and best regards
PSN ID: Xeikama/Pawn: Archer(lvl12), Strider Challenger OPSC Member
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User Info: CoconutRacecar

2 years ago#487
PSN ID: CoconutRacecar
Version: Dark Arisen
Pawn Name: Isla
Level: 132 (leveling quickly)
Vocation: Sorcerer
Inclinations: Scather/Challenger/Utilitarian
Skills: Grand Levin, High Lassitude, High Maelstrom, High Brontide, High Gicel, High Seism
Weapons: Hallowed Dragon
Gear: Adept Hat/Robe, Silver Chestplate, Bonds of the Dragon, Silk Lingerie, Apostate's Anklet, Sovereign's Mantle (all dragon forged minimum)
Rings/Earrings: Sorcerer's Ring, Ring Of Desiccation

Notes: Still leveling. Upgrading gear further. Would appreciate taking my pawn for Cursed Dragon, Elder Ogre, Drake, Maneater and Garm encounters. She has a lot of high cast time spells but deals massive damage when she hits. Protect her while she intones! (Capable of 2 - 3 shotting the Drake in Duskmoon with High Gicel) Friend request me if you're a low level and would like to have her tag along.

User Info: CoconutRacecar

2 years ago#488
Update: Pawn is now in the 140 range. Gear has been further upgraded.
<bold>PSN:</bold> CoconutRacecar <bold>Pawn:</bold> Isla. <bold>Vocation:</bold> Sorcerer. Attractive, powerful, efficient.

User Info: Marita

2 years ago#489
I just wondered, instead of godsbaning can i just reload save and continue playing while they were alive? Or does it count as dead anyway? Thats really sad if it does..
PSN: Maritap0s

User Info: blondboy109

2 years ago#490
Very well made.
Xbox profile: Ultimecia 1, lvl 180 assassin
Pawn name: Acnologia, lvl 178 fighter
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