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User Info: xTACOxCATx

5 years ago#41
I have a level 152 level-sorcerer-3150 mag his name is cry
I've had like 1 person rent him lol I need him rented

User Info: Karmikazzee

5 years ago#42
Again, "This is not a get hired thread" If you want to get hired have a look at the pawn sharing clubs.
psn: Karmikazee / Whynot! lvl 200 sorcerer DA
psn: Karmislazee / Jazz B'caz lvl 90 ranger | psn: Karmi-Kat / Borax Dathik lvl 28 Warrior

User Info: dreus08

4 years ago#43
Im in desperate need of barbed nails,coz i screwed up madelines shop.im willing to trade for bbiw3 psn id:cidraines08

User Info: Yesmankablaam

4 years ago#44
i have a question! i've been getting myself BBI lvl 3 armor to make sets. now i have 3 accounts & if i don't like the armor i gift it to another account. now i THINK this changes it??....maybe? but i need to ask.

say i get traitors armor & then godsbane. if i gift it to another account will it still be a torso piece armor? or will it become something else? maybe become rare?
A person is smart. People are dumb.
PSN: Yes-Man-Kablaam

User Info: Karmikazzee

4 years ago#45
Every player has their own predetermined list, there are no particular items set to each cursed item. The cursed item could be passed to 10 different player's & everyone of them will get something different according to their own list. On my alt acct I got torso armor till I was blue in the face but on my main I have literally gone through hundreds of BBA's & still can't get life restoring torso armor for my arisen. It's a god awful turkey shoot.
psn: Karmikazee / Whynot! lvl 200 sorcerer DA
psn: Karmislazee / Jazz B'caz lvl 90 ranger | psn: Karmi-Kat / Borax Dathik lvl 31 Fighter
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User Info: Kharadus

4 years ago#47
Took some time thinking over about what I've learned thus far being a junior club member, so in addition to the tips Karmikazzee gave about how to treat pawns you hire, here are some generic tips on how to make your own pawn more efficient and thus more desirable as a hire. Those with greater experience feel free to correct me if I've gotten something wrong!

When leveling a pawn, consider switching its vocation atleast some, world doesn't end if you don't since you can start thinking about pawn stat growths later on, but having a pawn that is for example solely fighter/warrior or mage/sorcerer will leave it lackluster in either physical or magical defence, and likely a little low on the side of stamina. For example, for less min/max-minded person, you could just do 10 levels of fighter/warrior, followed by 10 levels of strider/ranger, followed by 10 levels of mage/sorcerer. It won't result in a perfect minmax situation but it will offer a balanced stat growth to an extent and also allow you to use wider variety of augments on the pawn. You can always switch back to whatever you consider your pawns "main" role for tough bosses.

Now what about getting your pawn hired? Firstly, consider what role you want it represent, and make sure you invest in elixirs to get your pawns inclinations to fit that role. A few examples could be

-Classic 'tank' type

Inclination: Challenger or Mitigator (using Scather ends up with your tank using a lot of time grappleholding enemies, and while this can be advantageous it requires people being used to paying attention to it, and that might not be the case when people are hiring pawns) followed by perhaps Scather as secondary inclination. Guardian can be fine for personal use (if you are a melee character), but it is hardly optimal for getting your pawn desirable for hiring for others.

-Raw damage (be it strider/ranger or mage(only early)/sorcerer

Inclination: Challenger or Mitigator, combined with Scather as secondary. For example for me I found mage/sorcerer pawns too slow to hit their targets with their long casting spells so I preferred Challenger on dps mage/sorc since enemy ranged units tend to be stationary unless approached, which casters never do, while strider/ranger was Mitigator, having an easier time hitting moving targets.

-Utility healer/mage (only class viable for this is really mage)

Inclination: Utilitarian combined with Challenger. Utilitarian uses a wide array of their abilities, including enchantments and heals, so this pawn is my personal favourite for exploration of the main game and storyline content. Challenger ensures they'll stay far back shooting only at enemy ranged targets if there is nothing to buff/heal. Utilitarian occasionally prioritizes healing tad low compared to buffs, but compared to the constant spam Medicant does usually standing still in middle of opponents casting heal Utilitarian is far superior, in particular because the weapon enhancements mage provides are really strong.

(Remember to assign (High) Anodyne/Halidom/Spellscreen, couple of ranged attack spells and for roughly first half of the game fire enhancement, later on perhaps holy, and you'll be golden)

These are not 'pro-level' tips or whatever one might call them, but they should smooth your experience a fair bit if taken into consideration, also helping you decide which pawns to hire.

I'm aware and aknowledge Guardian/Acquisitor have their uses in several setups, but this writing is mainly ment for fresher players.

This is by no means my original work, only a combination of tips I think I would've enjoyed having while starting out that I tried to put together
PSN: Kharadus // Ayashera - Mage - lvl 61 - Utilitarian/Challenger (wannabe-Laura) - Class might briefly vary if I'm online.

User Info: Karmikazzee

4 years ago#48
Good stuff Kharadus. Couple of things I would add a thought on though.

Utilitarian is also very good to have as primary for sorcerer's if they have any buffing type skills or fulmination. It is also a must for any type of "debilitation" mage, sorcerer or strider/ranger. These would include any pawn using rusted, golden & such weapons, specialty arrows, etc.

I think it should be noted that scather will cause casters to climb at times(thus being completely useless), but more importantly, it causes them to move in closer to cast meaning they take more damage & get interrupted all the time. I also feel that scather works very well for fighters & such, but then I have no shield skills equipped on mine so that he will be aggressive as possible, he very rarely grapples.

2 other things for casters, the inflection augment is glitched & actually doubles the damage received instead of cutting it in half. Also the grativas augment, while sounding very good, hardly works at all on Gransys, & not all all on BitterBlack Isle. Enemies are too strong & pawns will either be interrupted or they will stop casting & run.
psn: Karmikazee / Whynot! lvl 200 sorcerer DA
psn: Karmislazee / Jazz B'caz lvl 97 ranger | psn: Karmi-Kat / Borax Dathik lvl 120 Magic Fighter

User Info: Toxickush87

4 years ago#49
Pawn:Niah Mage lv 38



User Info: Kaliken

4 years ago#50
Just started playing this game, so I'm late to the party as usual. If by any chance this board is active I could use some help earning RC with my pawn. I'll return the favor best I can at my level :)

PS3 gamertag:
Pawn: tank type
Cyreall (warrior currently)

Thanks in advance!
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