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User Info: wayf93

5 years ago#11
Well done!

I'd request a sticky but I'm not allowed to yet. /sigh
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User Info: lyryn222

5 years ago#12
Great work!
Bummer, can't sticky yet :(
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User Info: runnermpls

5 years ago#13
Lately I've had a lot of pawns thrown off of cliffs in BBI - I just jump off the cliff after them, it's easier than Godsbane. :)

User Info: McJeph

5 years ago#14

Successfully stickied. They probably saw all the requests. lol
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User Info: FirstBorno5

5 years ago#15
Very well done!!!
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User Info: Andre_Luiz1969

5 years ago#16
Very great work! I saw just now.
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User Info: tritiumrain

5 years ago#17
Good job Karmi, this should help out new people who are unfamiliar with the hiring process.

3. Sending pawns gifts. When in the rift you can hire, gift & release pawns up to 10 times. But after sending 10 gifts you must rest or anything over 10 gifts & the first gifts will be lost. Also, you can not send any one person more than 10 gifts until they too have rested or the additional gifts will be lost. (The only exception to this is, you can also equip them with new equipment at the same time as gifting them 10 items.)

A few notes just for the sake of completeness:

Only the 10 most recent hires are stored in buffer, so if you send one pawn 13 gifts then the first 3 will be lost. Similarly, if you send one pawn 10 gifts then another pawn 3 gifts without resting, then the first pawn will only receive 7 gifts.
Note: a hire without a gift still counts towards the limit of 10.

You can send 1 gift and up to 10 pieces of equipment with each hire. So theoretically you could send 10 gifts and 100 pieces of equipment before the person on the other end needs to clear them. I say theoretically because I have only tested this up to 20 pieces of equipment and there may be other limits in place.
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User Info: Karmikazzee

5 years ago#18
Thanks tritiumrain, that is why I said "the first gifts would be lost", but was trying not to make it too wordy & have people not bother to read it. But you have laid it out wonderfully. The other thing I would have liked to include was the basics of RC acquisition but again as there are so many variables, other than saying it's 10% of exp points with equal level pawns, I couldn't come up with a short but sweet way to say it. If you or anybody else can it would be great to include here.
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User Info: drkazn1

5 years ago#19
Ok so hire my pawn pls need rc armor weapons blah blah

JK! LOL nice job karm!
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User Info: the_requiem

5 years ago#20
First sticky of DA boards!

This calls for celebration.

You get full Abyssinal set.
You get full Abyssinal set.
and You get full Abyssinal set.
Everybody gets DFed full Abyssinal set.
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