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User Info: Karmikazzee

6 years ago#1
This thread is help new players to learn the basics & etiquette of hiring other people's pawns(and to help new members of the pawn sharing club)

1. If you wish to hire a pawn that is a higher level then you, you can send them a friend request & if they accept it you can hire their pawn for no RC. You should be aware though that when you hire a pawn that is a higher level then your arisen, there is an exp penalty that caps off at 25 levels above you. Conversely, if you hire pawns that are lower then your arisen there is an exp bonus that again caps off at 25 levels below you.

2. Letting a pawn die & sending it home in a body bag(default 3 star rating). While no one will be mad at you for allowing a pawn to die, it's not considered good form & means that you can't send them a gift, ratings, etc for using their pawn. This is quite easy to avoid.

A. Save often, (at least every time you enter a new area if the game doesn't for you) This way if a pawn dies, you can just godsbane to before the death & do it over. "If you are a pawn club member & don't have a godsbane someone will be happy to give you one."

B. If you didn't notice a pawn had died & have left area, or you just don't want to redo what caused the pawn to die; Go to nearest riftstone, re-hire & RELEASE the pawn with gift, ratings, etc. BEFORE you rest at an inn! This will override the default setting from the death.

3. Sending pawns gifts. When in the rift you can hire, gift & release pawns up to 10 times. But after sending 10 gifts you must rest or anything over 10 gifts & the first gifts will be lost. Also, you can not send any one person more than 10 gifts until they too have rested or the additional gifts will be lost. (The only exception to this is, you can also equip them with new equipment at the same time as gifting them 10 items.)
(Note: Many new players are concerned that they received a huge amount of RC or expensive gifts from a high level player & don't feel they can adequately repay them. Most high level players have lots of RC & items so a bunch of quick hire & releases with some inexpensive items is more than adequate & is fast & easy for you.(This helps with their ranking & ratings)

4. How to tell who sent you what. When you rest at an inn a screen will come up showing the list of hires. If you press square on each one you can then use R1 to scroll though gifts, knowledge, ratings & comments. If you are in the pawn club you really should keep a notepad/book as there will be lots!

Some basic tips for getting your pawn hired more

1. Don't send their pawns home in body bags(see item 2 above)

2. Consider joining the pawn sharing club. A hire & be hired community, if you are active & visible you will get lots of hires, knowledge, items & support.

3. Put your info in your signature! Many people post here looking for hires but don't include their psn ID, etc, so no one responds. You should have your psn id, pawn name, vocation & level in signature. Just click on your name in the top right of the page (it will have a clog beside it) & click on signature & quote.

4. Keep a note pad/book to keep track of hires & try to return hires when people hire you.(see item 4 above)

As said at the beginning, these are just some basic tips to help with pawn sharing. This is a great community & if you treat people & their pawns with respect, they WILL return the courtesy.

PS If you are having trouble finding a certain item or piece of equipment there is also a great item trading thread on this board.
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User Info: McJeph

6 years ago#2
Very well put together thread Karm.

(I requested a sticky on it, hopefully they oblige)
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User Info: Disruptive_01

6 years ago#3
Nice list :) Sticky requested.
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User Info: Nubaru

6 years ago#4
Requested of the Sticky :)
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User Info: tarachris4ever

6 years ago#5
Good stuff! Sticky please.
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User Info: John_McTrollson

6 years ago#6
I tip my hat to you. Very well done. I just hope this doesn't get buried by all those pointless topics being created every minute.
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User Info: AltecGreen

6 years ago#7
Great info. This definitely needs a sticky.

User Info: Faust3004

6 years ago#8
Well done Karmi!!
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User Info: Ultimate_Broly

6 years ago#9
Sticky requested :). Great job!
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User Info: Mussurana

6 years ago#10
Sticky requested.
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