2 months ago #1
IA is way better. The Japanese EDF titles, 2017 included are bigger games, but the levels get boring after 50+ anyways so I mean I'd rather have a better experience, even if it's shorter.

IA really shines in weapon variety, which is WAY better than other EDF titles, and it's WAY less cheesy with the dialogue, because let's face it, it's American made.

The hectors look way better, and have WAY WAY WAY better A.I. I mean compare the gun ships in IA to the drones in 2017 or 2025...I mean come on.

The classes in IA work better as well and feel more balanced and well rounded. The only point I can give 2025 here is the Winged armor plays better than the IA counterpart.

So yeah better enemies, better A.I., better dialogue and voice work, better classes, better balancing, better weapons. I'll take all of that in 15 levels over 100 levels of repeated dull gameplay.
I've been around for a long time. Really miss some of the old PS2 boards.