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  3. Can anyone translate this?

User Info: Dak_Darklighter

4 years ago#1
Found some Japanese information in EDF official twitter page. It seems like some of it may be new info, but I'm not sure.


Plus, have some new images fresh off of Japanese websites. It seems like a lot of Hectors were added to the Operation Brute Force mission.

User Info: Bert_HM

4 years ago#2
OMFG that amount of hectors looks awesome, can't wait to see a Tempest in the middle of all that XD.

Can't offer any help with the translation I'm afraid though… maybe there is an online tool that can translate from image text, otherwise try a translation forum?

User Info: Dak_Darklighter

4 years ago#3
I'll try a translation forum if I can find one, yeah.

I believe that flash of light in the first image comes from a Titan's Requiem Cannon, since AI's can now seemingly drive vehicles. From this, I can gather a lot of missions are going to have a much bigger enemy count to counter the EDF's destructive, vehicular power.

User Info: MashYouGood

4 years ago#4
Is this the next EDF game? What systems will it be for?

User Info: PhoenixWright2

4 years ago#5
This is probably much too late, but i'm currently studying Japanese AND I really like EDF so i translated it for my own curiosity and edutainment. I'll just post what I got out of it in case anyone actually comes back to this thread. Keep in mind i'm still in the process of learning, so some things might be slightly off. I have provided as literal of a translation as I could from the Japanese text so that people can get their own interpretation of the text's meaning.

1: New mission and episode compilation

"Mysterious creature Erugitasu's" first appearance and the opposing weapon "foot soldier stronghold Baramu" will play a leading role in the new mission(s) and episode(s). Wait with anticipation for the realization of "giant monster vs. giant robo", intense battle is developing/unfolding.

2: About half of the existing missions will be renewed

Enemy arrangements and appearance number will be reconstructed. Darkness has changed the depths of the earth and real battle is beginning, 50% of missions will get an exciting renewal. Also ally NPC will power up. Finally ally solider's operating vehicle arms will be introduced, participation in battle will be realized.

3: New enemy(s) introduced. New weapon(s) introduced.

Not only Erugitasu. From evolution enemy giant creature subspecies will appear. (In addition to) Giant robo "Baramu", depths of the earth troops use "Depusu-kurouraa", a new weapon that will also be introduced, coming from new despair profound tactics will be possible.

4: FHD (First HD?) image will progress to smooth beautiful graphics

I didn't really bother much with this because I got bored and I doubt people are curious about this. I think the 3D part is just saying that the 3D assets will be upgraded, not that there will be 3D support. It also does say that the framerate has been stabilized, which will provide more comfortable gameplay.

Is this the next EDF game? What systems will it be for?

This is like a sorta half sequel half enhanced remake of this game, edf 2025. It's only for ps4 as of now.

User Info: ninebreaker47

4 years ago#6
Thank you Pheonix, that was a very informative post. :)
PSN: Ninebreaker87
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