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  3. Can anyone confirm PSTV compatability?
acremeans 7 years ago#1
Broke my vita so stuck with the PSTV for a while. Wanna know if I will still be able to play this game when I get it.
spincyclematt 7 years ago#2
I got my copy yesterday. It doesn't work with PSTV unfortunately.
acremeans 7 years ago#3
Wow. Hope they make a patch soon..
soilworker651 7 years ago#4
Damn, Sony had better snap to patching that ASAP. What about the imported version?
acremeans 7 years ago#5
XSEED said it worked on vita tv in Japan and that they were wanting it to be compatible. I was worried since they never really came out and said it worked on it and I see why. Maybe there is a patch coming, who knows?
ryuuyr 7 years ago#6
I was just playing it earlier on my playstation tv although I didn't start any missions or anything.
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shinaries 7 years ago#7
The imported version, reg 2 jp cartridge works perfectly on vita tv reg 2 jp, without any patch,,
soilworker651 7 years ago#8
I should've mentioned the digital imported version, does that work on the PSTV too?
xNinjaOfChaosx 7 years ago#9
So, it sounds like it works with the Japanese copy but not the NA one? Crap, I'm getting both in the mail today and was hoping I'd be able to play as soon as I set it up. Guess I'll have to wait until there's a patch / firmware update...
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ryuuyr 7 years ago#10
I should have mentioned I have the NA physical edition.
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  2. Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
  3. Can anyone confirm PSTV compatability?
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