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User Info: katydiddd

6 years ago#1
Answer: Getting Clarabelle to be Horace’s New Assistant.
Someone had a real frustrated post, that got deleted.
My experience was the same as his:
I did all the things to make Clarabelle his assistant:
1) Found the six parts of Tedworths teddy bear; and gave it to him, so he would leave;
2) Went to Clarabelle;
3) Talked with Ortensia;
4) Got flower costume for her 1 spatter at the end of the Fort Wasteland battle;
5) Got a note from her spatter;
6) Took note to Horace;


I kept doing all sorts of things, before giving up and deciding to let a pirate be the assistant.
(Save extra costumes and note to use for Museum, later. Get the "One Toon's Trash" before taking the compass to Horace. The extra costumes have nothing to do with this quest, and you can do both Clarabelle and Ian's costumes.)
- - -
7) In Ventureland, I talked to the fat pirate, then the skinny one walking with a musket. Earlier he had shown me the compass, but now he denied having it.
8) I stood back, took out the camera, and when the center sight turned green, I took a picture of him looking at the compass.
9) I walked up to him and talked to him. He admitted it and gave me the compass.
10) I immediately left Ventureland, without talking with anyone.
- - - -
Now is the time to do "One Toon's Trash" -- selling a note and 9 costumes, only to buy them back at a 50% mark-up.
- - - -
11) When I was ready to complete the quest, I took the compass to Horace in his office in Main Street South.
12) He talked and talked, and I kept pressing to have him talk.
Finally, he asked if I had any other suggestions. And, he got the note that showed that Clarabelle had compassion.
13) I had to leave and come back.
14) Clarabelle was at the typewriter, and, when I looked at my quests, there was credit for Horace’s Assistant.
- - - -
Whatever you do , DO NOT thin Scurvy Pat to get the compass and DO NOT give the compass to another pirate! If you do, only the pirate can become the assistant, and not Clarabelle.
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